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Destined great but caged – Part 3


Rev. John Okene

Text: Judges 16:21-30

One of Samson’s greatest undoings was lack of vision as a result of his plucked-out eyes. A man with plucked-out eyes will certainly lack revelation and so become a spiritual bat. Such a person is already caged and the devil will make a wreck of his life.


In Ezek. 8:7-16, we see that Ezekiel was praying but never knew that his friends were the enemies behind his problem. A lady who was trusting God for a child for over seven years in marriage never knew that her closest friend and prayer partner was responsible for her problems. Whenever she got pregnant, she would tell it to her friend in excitement and confidence. This evil friend would immediately go to her satanic scoreboard to do some manipulations. At this point, the lady would dream of a cow hitting her belly with its horns. When this happened, she would suffer a miscarriage and the first person she would cry to was this evil friend. This continued several times until she met a man of God, who gave her some prayer points to use with fasting and told her whenever such a dream occurred, she should shout, “Rock of ages fight for me”. A few months after, she got pregnant again and the dream was repeated. When she did as she was told by the man of God, a huge rock appeared between her and the cow and so it hit the horns on the rock and broke its neck. When she woke up, she found she was victorious, no bleeding, no miscarriage. As she ran out in the morning to inform her friend of the victory, she was told the friend had died of a broken neck that night. It then dawned on her that she had been with an unfriendly friend. May the Lord open your eyes in Jesus name. Samson married his enemy Delilah, but he never knew until his eyes were plucked out. There are many people, today, who are spiritually blinded and move like there is a spell over them resulting in a bewitched destiny. May such spell is broken and the evil eyes monitoring you go blind in Jesus name.

Another thing that happened to Samson is that his hair was cut off. Spiritually, your hair symbolises your glory and if this is cut off in the spirit realm, then you have been caged. For a woman who is married, this also represents your husband. A lady dreamt that her hair was shaved. She didn’t understand the implication and so did nothing about it. Two weeks after, her husband died in a motor accident. Every problem transferred from your dream to the physical is cancelled today in Jesus name. For Samson, his hair being cut off symbolised his fellowship with God being broken. The devil aims at disconnecting a man from his source of blessing and place of fellowship, so be careful.


Finally, Samson was hand-cuffed, which means one’s prayer life being hijacked. If you cannot pray, how then can you come out of your problems, when Prov. 18:21 says death and life are in the power of the tongue? This means you cannot communicate with God what you want Matt. 7:7. If you don’t stop breathing, then you must not stop praying or else you cease to live. I pray for a new fire and anointing of prayer upon your life in Jesus name. Lev. 6:12-13 says the fire shall not go out of the altar.

For some people, today, the altar of their prayer life is covered with ashes, no fresh wood or coal. May the wind of the Holy Ghost blow out the ashes and I pray that God will put a fresh coal of fire upon your prayer altar in Jesus name. Note that the Word of God is the wood, while your prayer is meant to stir up and ignite it to burn. So, study the Word of God as you pray.

Rev. John Okene Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
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