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Dismantling ancient gates

By John Okene
03 April 2022   |   4:16 am
Gates are very significant in life. There are spiritual gates just as we have physical gates. A gate is a passage; it could also mean a barrier.

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Gates are very significant in life. There are spiritual gates just as we have physical gates. A gate is a passage; it could also mean a barrier. The Bible talks about different kinds of gates. There is the city gate, there is the palace gates as we see in Ester 5:13. There is also a house gate as we see in the case of Lazarus in Lk. 16:20. Again, Acts 3:2 talks about a church gate and very importantly, there is a gate to your life. If the gate to a man’s life is shut, he will experience nothing significant, but if the gate is opened it causes men to release blessings unto him and even kings will be compelled to favour him. May the gate of your life remain opened to your helpers continually in Jesus’ name.

There are spiritual gates that God uses to bring divine protection to the life of a man. In Mal. 3:10-12, God talks about opening the windows of heaven and this implies that there must be a gate. Psa. 118:19 also talks about the gate of righteousness, this is the gate of the Lord. Gen. 3:24 tells us that there is the gate of Eden where God placed the Cherubim after Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden. Eden signifies God’s presence and could also mean your place of treasure. May God mount angels at the gate of your Eden to guide your treasures in Jesus’ name.

The devil also has gates and these are spiritual. One of them is the gate of hell. Matthew 16:18 says the gate of hell shall not prevail against the church of Christ. There is also the gate of death, but our focus here is on Ancient gates. These are gates that have been in existence before you were born. They have been there even before your fathers were born and for every gate, there is a gatekeeper. These gates are erected to keep you from achieving your purpose.

Our Bible text, Psa. 24:6-10 says there is a generation that seeks the face of God to effect positive changes from the negative patterns that have been operational in their family line. These are those who dare to challenge the evil powers in operation in order to collect what their fathers could not access. I decree to you, in your time you shall gain access through the ancient gates and they will have no choice, but to be lifted up. The evil gatemen that want to challenge you will be knocked out totally in Jesus’ name.

Sometimes you discover in life that when you get to a certain stage you begin to suffer stagnation, the ancient gates could be responsible. This explains why some people rise and fall, never to rise up again. When these gates are in operation it can bring some negative patterns financially, martially and even spiritually in a family. In some cases, they can experience a particular sickness. Note that these gates exist in the lives of individuals, in families and even communities.

A lady who had suffered several disappointments in relationships said no marriage had even been officially conducted in her family. Several times, she will have suitors come to her family for a formal introduction, but she had an evil uncle who comes to welcome them with a counterfeit naira note unknown to everyone. Once this is done, the suitors never return for the next stage of the marriage rites. This also happened to other members of her family. Marriage was contraband in her family. I pray that every gatekeeper preventing good things from coming to you may they fall down and die in Jesus’ name.
 • Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State. Prayerline: +2348135952623

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