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Divine lifting


Israel Kristilere<br />

Divine Lifting
There are many ways to view “Divine Lifting” and many Bible characters to learn from. But for this message, the focus is on Mordecai. Whenever and wherever the enemy plans to bring you down, you shall be divinely lifted. Amen.

• A Lesson From Mordecai
Mordecai was a faithful Jew, who in spite of his faithfulness, was hated by Haman, a superior officer. Sometimes, those who hate you are not necessarily those who are below, but those who are above. Whoever they may be, may the Lord lift up your head far above them all! Mordecai was a man who would not follow the crowd to do anything and would be swift to expose the works of darkness. Mordecai would not play to the gallery because of his convictions and that landed him in trouble. (Esther 3:1-5) But his good works would later be rewarded by God on a night the King could not sleep and called for the book of records. Then, he discovered a man who had done him good, but was not appreciated. He, therefore, decided to right the wrong. (Esther. 6:1-3) But that same night, Haman had prepared the gallows to hang Mordecai the following morning. (Est. 5:14) All he rushed to the palace to receive was the permission of the King. No way. Instead of receiving permission to hang Mordecai, he received a commandment to parade him for honour. When the God of heaven has decided to lift you up, no scheme of the enemy shall prosper in your life.


• Towards Your Divine Lifting
Learning from the life of Mordecai, the following you can expect in your year of Divine lifting:

• Divine Reward. (Est. 6:3) Your hidden/forgotten labour shall be rewarded. Don’t give up doing good.

• Divine Arrangement. Things will turn around in your favour. Even the enemy’s plans will turn around for your good. (Rom. 8:28). You can ride on the wings of your opposition to your opportunities. Let the enemy be busy at their strategy. You just focus more on the King’s service. Mordecai was also already at his duty post.

• Divine Commandment. The King of glory has issued a decree for your honour, and no enemy can reverse it. (Isa. 14:24-27) Only you can reject/ignore it.

• Divine Speed/Hurry- (10). What the Lord delights to do for you cannot be delayed. Expect it to come speedily. Your miracle will come with divine speed, even earlier than you have programmed.
• Divine Five-fold Honour. (Est. 6: 7-11)
• Royal Robe. Your dressing will change.
• Royal Horse. Your car/mobility will improve.
• Royal Crown. Your authority will increase.
• Royal Procession/Parade. Your honour will not be hidden. Your walk will change.
• Royal Proclamation/Popularity. Heaven will publicise you for good.


Looking at these five-fold honour, it seems one was missing in what Haman carried out. (i.e. no.3) That is why you need to pray and demand for your crown. According to verses 10-11, Haman omitted the crown he suggested.

Especially single ladies and women deserted by their husbands/or leaders, whose authority have been eroded. I think that was the main reason why Mordecai went back to the gate. The crown gives you access to occupy the palace. For you, I believe it is time to occupy your space in the palace. But in Esther 8:1-2, another opportunity came for his authority to be restored.

Esther 6:12-13 tells us what will be the after effect of your lifting. As the Lord lifts you, no enemy can prevail against you. All foes will fall before you. Just remain faithful and focus on your God. I perceive the Lord is set to lift you higher as this year ends. Get ready to be lifted. Shalom.

Shepherdhill Baptist Church (Sanctuary of Grace & Glory), Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos.


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