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Do you still kiss your spouse regularly?

By Bishop Charles Ighele
30 October 2022   |   4:40 am
My wife, Carol’s parents were quite romantic, but my parents were not. I never saw my father and my mother hold each other any day or tell each other, “I love you.”

Bishop Charles Ighele

My wife, Carol’s parents were quite romantic, but my parents were not. I never saw my father and my mother hold each other any day or tell each other, “I love you.” Not that they were quarrelling. When I look back, it is like my mother would have seriously enjoyed my father being romantic towards her.

Carol’s father and mother and my father were born on the same year, 1926. But in their old age, after offloading two women and three men, they still kissed each other. They would kiss, sometimes, when either of them was about to embark on a journey or about to leave the house for one thing or the other. They would kiss, sometimes, as a sign of welcome to which of them arrived home from an outing. My wife and I saw them once in a while enjoying pecks or kisses, while we were with them in their living room. They also used to do this amid visitors. Their pet name was “my friend.”

I do not know how much they kissed during the early years and middle years of their marriage, but I know they kissed towards the last quartre of their stay here on earth. 

The aim of this write-up is to wake up couples to work on the kissing department of their relationship. You will not enjoy the hundred fold benefits of marriage if the kisses are rare or no more. Songs of Solomon 1:2 says, ‘let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for thy love is better than wine.’

Findings have shown that couples kiss less as the years of their marriage increase. The average couple begins to experience decline in their level of kissing after pregnancy, but as the years go by, they either eliminate kissing or do it un-passionately.

Today’s article is strictly for those who have the licence to kiss. By this, I mean that you are now married. The lips contain sensitive nerves that pass messages of love, trust and fulfillment to the brain. Kissing makes the other person feel special, loved and fulfilled. It binds. It bonds. It brings about oneness of spirit, soul and body. It is a powerful flame that is designed to flag off a fire of passion. Marriage is meaningless without a sound mind.

Many wives complain that their husbands stop being affectionate after the first few years of marriage.
There is no law that states that couples should only kiss when they are fulfilling matrimonial duties in the ‘other room.’ Kissing can be done anywhere at anytime. Rekindle the fire in your marriage by surprising your spouse with kisses. They may be long and passionate or short and comforting. The important thing is that you do it.

At first, it may not be as interesting as it used to be when you were younger, but do it. Practice makes perfect. Kiss each other in love and keep your marriage fire continuously burning. The more you kiss your spouse, the more the fire of the love of your marriage will keep burning. 

A congregation was shocked when a man openly admitted that he does not kiss his wife. But he changed his non-kissing life style immediately. You too can deliberately start immediately and keep on doing it daily.

If you belong to the group that has suspended the kissing department of your relationship, you can deliberately resume and make it a daily affair. In my own case, I love kissing my wife after about 33 years of marriage, but there have been days I couldn’t. I will deliberately improve.  Let us learn to give our wives “Kissiquine.” It cures many emotional illnesses. Love you.

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