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Doing business on great waters


Pastor David Adeoye

“Great and effectual doors are opened unto you (1Cor. 16: 9).
“Those who go down to the sea in ships, who do business on great waters, they see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep.” (Ps.107: 23, 24).

Where you fish determines what you will catch. Where you are positioned will determine what you will possess. You must attempt great things if you want to accomplish great things. What you don’t attempt, you might never accomplish. The major secret of great achievers is that they make great attempts.

There are three categories of people in our world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. Those who make things happen are those who make deliberate attempts to make things happen. Nothing happens without someone behind it.



From this portion of Scriptures, we realise that their net broke, because they launched out into the deep. That kind of net breaking catch can only be obtained in the deep. This could not have happened in shallow waters. You may never experience a certain dimension of breakthrough, until you take your business to another level. There is a level an eagle gets to that it just cruises effortlessly.

Maybe this sounds proverbial to you. God is simply saying, “It is time to take your business and career to a higher level.” It is time to break out of your “safe” zone. It is time to go on a journey everybody is unwilling to go and dare things no one is willing to dare. You cannot grow beyond where you are unwilling to go.

Abraham might never have become all that he became, if he remained among his kindred. Joseph might never have worn the royal robe, if he remained with his brothers in his father’s house.

If you keep fishing in shallow waters, you’ll keep catching tiny fishes. You can’t catch a whale for instance, in shallow waters. Stop limiting yourself by always playing it “safe.” If you put a little shark in an aquarium for a long time, it has been observed that it will never grow beyond six inches, but if you take it to the sea it will grow as big as a small ship in size. You are a “shark,” what are you doing in an aquarium? You are the “Titanic,” what are you doing on marshy ground. There are some sizes of fish that hooks can’t catch. You can’t catch a shark with a hook.

You need to advance in your business strategies, if you want to achieve what you have never achieved before. “If you keep doing what you are doing the same old way and expect a different result, it is a sign of insanity.” (Dr. Zig Ziglar). Until you do what you’ve always being doing in a different way, you can’t get a different result.

In the fourteenth chapter of the book of Matthew, from the twenty-fourth to the thirty-third verse, twelve able men saw Jesus walk on water; only one had the gut to dare it. Eleven of them chose to stay in their comfort zone, but one of them dared the great waters. It was not Jesus’ fault that eleven of them never walked on water. Doing what the majorities are afraid of doing makes you a major in your field. We need more “Peters” in our generation that will dare to take risks AT HIS WORD. (Luke5: 5).

Peter took a WORD-BASED RISK. Not a risk-based on assumption and speculations. Information-based and well-calculated risks are common among great achievers.

When Peter stopped hearing the words of Jesus and started hearing the voices of the frightened eleven through the wind, he began to sink.

Whenever a man wants to make new attempts, he must be careful of whom he listens to. You may never be able to get out of the “boat” (safe-zone) until you close your ears to the majority’s voice. It is time for you to take your business to another level. It is time to start attempting great things without fear. You have all it takes to do more than you have done. Dare it and you’ll do it.

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