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Duties of the strongman



If you mistakenly enter into a blood covenant or any other form of covenant, the principality must ensure that that covenant is not broken and you comply with the terms and conditions.

They try to maintain the conditions and terms of that covenants.

He is also there to enforce curses in the family and this could set limitation for the family.


They draw and set evil boundaries that no one should cross in the family. They could say nobody should cross over or travel abroad and so, they draw the line to ensure no one passes the boundary.

If you try to cross the line, he forces you back and if you do it forcefully, he might attack you. Something happened to a sister.

On her way from her traditional wedding ceremony, somewhere in the east, there was a fatal accident and she died with her head severed from her body.

After some spiritual investigations were made, it was discovered that young girls don’t get married in their family.

They are allowed to cohabit with a man, but no formal wedding must be done nor dowry paid. Any girl, whose dowry must be paid, must have first given birth to children while cohabiting with a man or out of wedlock.

Any young girl, who dares to get married first without cohabiting will face the consequences. The first sister who attempted to violate this satanic law in that family died.

The second daughter, which is this sister in question wanted to get married also without cohabiting, but faced a lot of disappointment. Her first relationship got broken, same with the second and third relationships.

She was cautioned thereafter to cohabit with a man first and have children before thinking of wedding. She declined and went into the fourth relationship, without undergoing any form of deliverance to be set free from that curse.

On the same day of her traditional wedding ceremony, while travelling back, their vehicle had a head-on collision with another car and the groom fell from the car, while her head was severed. She was the only person that died in the accident.

Thereafter, a message was sent to the family that there was a curse that nobody would get married in the family.

The curse had not been broken, hence no one could cross the line, and whosoever refused to comply would die. The strongman is the one maintaining the curse that sets the limit.

• He maintains evil dedication in the family: He’s also responsible for maintaining evil patterns in the family, to see that it is not broken. They execute judgment on every defaulter.

If you default and you have not broken the agreement your fathers entered, that is, you have not dealt with the strong man; they place a judgment on you.

Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue (that) shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This (is) the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness (is) of me, saith the LORD.”

They also ensure they maintained a particular pattern in the family, for example, maintaining a particular form of sickness/ailment, such as diabetes, cancer, insanity (some, when the women give birth to children, after that they become insane for some others, when the children get to the university, in their final year they become insane, the strongman maintains that pattern in the family, so see that it is not broken at all).


So, if you default and you have not broken the agreement that your father entered, they called you back and place a judgment upon you they will say, as a result of what you did, this is what will happen.

Some of you, in your dream, saw yourself in a court and a judge passed a decree upon you.

That is the strongman passing a decree upon you for defaulting. Isaiah 57.

I prophesy that whoever is sitting as a judge in the spirit realm judging your matter and had made a pronouncement, is condemned now in Jesus name.

Some of you when you wake up in the morning, you see marks on your body, you have almost escaped, when they discovered that you have almost escaped they go back to the record and put incision on your body to renew the evil blood covenant and tie you back to them.

• Lift up your hands and say, my father, my father, my father, every evil pronouncement made on my life in the name of Jesus I cancel it by fire

• Every chief judge in my father’s house standing to pronounce sentence upon my life or members of my family, o ye evil strongman, what are you waiting for? Die, die, die.

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