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Effectively celebrating Christ’s birth and God’s goodness by ignoring the ‘pharisees’- part (2)


Israel Akinadewo

Celebrating The Birth Of Jesus Christ
It is ironic that while we celebrate the birth of Him, Who gave His life for man’s salvation, some people (whom I think are too knowledgeable and wiser than godliness) are of the argument that the date chosen should not have been for such celebration. They claim that the date is dedicated to the worship of the sun and paganism. Just like Judas Iscariot did in his days, what negative things will the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ on the chosen date bring?

In Titus 2:14, the Bible says, “Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works”. Therefore, if a day is meant for paganism and some Christian groups decide to use it to celebrate goodness, is that not the fulfilment of the Great Commission?

Zealousness For Good Works
Whosoever that is zealous for good works and still think of the ranting of the ‘Pharisees’ will never be able to do that which is right in presence of the Lord. If we take our time to study the ministry of Jesus Christ, we would have seen that it was filled with criticism, yet He was unperturbed until He successfully finished His assignment. In one of those instances, Jesus Christ restored the withered hand of a man, but people were watching Him, if He would heal the man on a Sabbath day (Mark 3:1-6). The painful situation of the man was not of interest to the critics, but such healing “should not have come on a day of the Lord.” While these critics could eat on a Sabbath day, but to them, such a day should never be used to do good works.

The truth of the matter is that those who have the zeal to do good things should never allow the negative assertions of faultfinders to slow them down. The critics of good works, which I topically referred to as Pharisees, will never stop criticising.

Furthermore, relationship with God is personal. Therefore, nobody should make himself the custodian of the history of when you should praise and celebrate your God. To some, thanking God is everyday, while to some, they have no reason to thank God. We should avoid putting our active, productive and godly plans away, just because some dormant people, who have no plans of their own, have stated reasons our plans might not work.

Christ is the reason we are alive, and He is the primary reason why our souls will not die with our bodies. He came into the world, leaving His glorious position in heaven, to save man. We also should know that every day has its good and its bad; its light and its darkness; its godliness and its godlessness; its righteousness and its righteousness. Therefore, whatever we want to use the day for is a matter of our choice.

It is imperative for us to know that, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us cannot be quantified. Despite our sinful way of life, He came to cleanse us of our iniquities, paying the supreme price. For a man who could do this, without requesting for personal things, but for us to live our lives in righteousness, then nothing can be too small to use to celebrate Him. Therefore, celebrating the Saviour Jesus Christ should be a matter beyond theory, but a spiritual conviction. May we never miss heaven, in Jesus name. Remain permanently under God’s banner!

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