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Chinasa Hope Nmeribe

God from the beginning of creation did not allow man to be self-centred but to be involved in empowerment. In Genesis, He gave man the ability to subdue and rule, and at a time, when Adam became lonely, God empowered him by providing a suitable helper “Eve” to assist him. After the fall of man, things became too hard for the man, and God also separated a family whom through their commitment to God and His service, (Noah and family) a new hope for mankind. After his sacrifices to God, when the flood was over, God promised not to use the flood to destroy mankind again. Noah was also empowered by God to take over.

It was not too long before men left the right way and pursued worldly things, which led people into suffering and abject poverty. But due to His love and mercy towards mankind, Jesus decided to pay the price with His own blood for the restoration of man to God and to reconcile him to his Creator as an image and likeness of God. When He rose from the dead, He empowered men with His authority to go and bring others back to the fold, as He promised to be with us till the end of the age. Matt. 28:19. So, since then, man has been a source of help and assistance to one another. It is in this vein that St. Paul saw the predicament of some people and called out with an anguish voice to Christians to bear one another’s burden, especially those that are in the family of faith even in Christ Jesus.

Today, the world has gone far and it seems that nobody cares. Nobody thinks or cares about what others are passing through. People are now more self-centered than being our brothers keepers. Come to churches, nothing is moving because we claim that all fingers are equal. Oh! What a calamity.


In our society, we hear on air that civil servants have been paid, while the government owes some of them salary of one year plus. Where are we going? Must we all fold our arms and see our beloved die in hunger and starvation? It is high time we got up and assisted one another. The word ”come over to Macedonia and help us “ should be recalled here, that we should all sit up and empower our brothers.

May I challenge those in authority who announce on air for empowerment – How many have benefitted from your empowerment poverty alleviation schemes?
• How many have received your assistance?
• Why do we divert funds for personal use?

God will one day call you for accountability and what will you say? Why do we carry our wealth to countries that are already developed, while we are still in search for assistance here? We should all adopt the saying: “Don’t think of what America will do for you but think of what you will do for America” to build our country. Nigerian rich men, please sit up. Let us make our nation the best with everything the Lord has blessed us with.

Yes, it is a dream come true. Here, in United Evangelical Church Umule, despite the ups and downs, a young star has kicked off the ball in the person of Onyinyechi Nwakanma, who came in contact with the mothers as they were celebrating the Women’s Fellowship Convention last year. What he saw made him to remember the olden time religion, when things were done the right way, when the Glory of God is always there and people of God bear one another’s burden. What a challenge. He decided and promised to empower some women to alleviate poverty in the church and by so doing, foster the church’s growth.

It is, therefore, worth noting that today the 6th day of October, eleven women are celebrating the empowerment from our brother Onyinyechi Nwakanma. Those present, when the women were empowered were Rev. U. N. Nwadiuko, the Superintendent, Pst. C. H. Nmeribe the Senior Minister of the church. Pst. Jeremiah Ahamba the Associate Pastor, Elder E. W. Idima the Committee Chairman, Deacon Chinwendu Nwekpe the Committee Secretary, Evangelist Mary Erondu the past President of the Women’s Fellowship together with others and the entire church membership numbering about three hundred.

In his speech, Bro. Onyinyechi Nwakanma pleaded with the women to use the opportunity well. Rev. U. N. Nwadiuko presented the gift of empowerment to the women, as the entire church prayed for their success. Responding, Mrs. Azu thanked the donor, on behalf of the recipients and prayed that God enlarge his coast. Elder E. W. Idima, the Committee Chairman, together with the past President of the Women’s Fellowship, Evan. Mary Erondu expressed gratitude to God for what He had done for the women in the church. So, a right hand of fellowship was given to the recipients, led by the Senior Minister of the Church Pst. Nmeribe C. H.

We, therefore, say more grease to your elbow Mr. Onyinyechi. The church needs more of you these days to empower and alleviate poverty in the house of God.
Pastor Chinasa Hope Nmeribe
Aba, Abia State. 08062894248


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