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Enahoro: How God uses me to heal mad people


Brother Enahoro Iyoha (right) with 29-year-old Busayo Owoeye, during their visit to The Guardian office

Brother Enahoro Iyoha (right) with 29-year-old Busayo Owoeye, during their visit to The Guardian office

Before now, virtually nothing was known about him. His journey to fame started in 1996, when on his way to his house in Ikorodu, Brother Enahoro Iyoha saw a group of people struggling with a woman, trying to push her into a waiting car. Unknown to him, the woman in question was insane. It was at this point he offered his assistance, not knowing God had destined him for a purpose.

Said he: “I went out on this very day and on my way back, I met a group of people struggling with a woman and they were trying to force her into a car. As I approached them, I was surprised to see that the woman was completely naked. I told everyone to be calm; I didn’t know God had a calling for me. By God’s grace, I rendered a short prayer saying, ‘you evil spirit rendering this woman insane, get out in Jesus name.’ She immediately became calm. There and then, they resolved to take her back to the church. Although I can’t remember the church’s name, this miracle occurred at Church Bus-Stop in Bariga. I was told she ran out of the church. As this thing happened, I requested she be taken back so as to be fed and clothed.

“As I went from Bariga to Agbede in Ikorodu, I completely forgot about the incident. One morning, as I was about going out in 2013, I saw a naked man. He was usually seen around Asolo road in Agbede with very bushy hair. As I saw him, the Spirit of God said I should run after him, but he was faster than me. I decided to take a bike and by God’s grace, I was able to get close to him. As I alighted, some people around the place came and held him. I prayed for him and the demons in him left. After he felt better, I asked what his name was, but he couldn’t remember. People around gathered and begged me not to leave him, so he wouldn’t return to his former state.

“While I was contemplating what to do, a young man in the crowd took him to his house, where he passed the night and stayed for two days. I visited him again, by which time he was able to talk. He told me he came from Rorochange in Ijebu-Ode. I took him to his family house, but unfortunately, his parents were dead. So, I handed him over to his relatives and returned to Lagos.”

The whole thing sounded unbelievable until recently when Brother Enahoro Iyoha visited the corporate office of The Guardian Newspapers with 29-year-old Busayo Owoeye, another madman God used him to heal at Ikeja in Lagos.

“On September 17, 2015, I went to Ikeja to procure an affidavit and in the process, I saw this young man moving around,” Iyoha recalled. “I asked questions and was told he was not normal. I prayed for him and the Lord took control. Afterwards, we went to the Ikeja Police Station to lodge a report. One of the officers said there was no need of writing a statement since I was doing God’s work. He suggested I took him to the church. I told him it was proper that I went to the station first and then get him reunited with his family.”

Bother Enahoro Iyoha, who is a member of Deeper Life Christian ministry, is not happy because after God has healed Busayo, the family members abandoned him in his care. So, he is asking the family to come and collect Busayo from him. Said he: “His mother said she doesn’t have money to take care of him and since then, he has been with me. God has taken control of him and he is okay. The money the family brought since September last year was N8, 000. I have a family to take care of and I can’t continue to bear the burden. God only used me to carry out His work. It has not been easy taking care of him, his feeding and medication, even though some good Samaritans support us, but it is not regular. The major responsibility is on me and it is affecting me,” Brother Iyoha lamented.

Iyoha, who resides in Bayeku, Ikorodu area of Lagos, wants the government to come to his aid.

“God forbid that something bad happens to him, that is when they will remember they have a brother. I want the government and well-meaning individuals to help rehabilitate him. I have been to the rehabilitation centre in Isheri, but the response was not encouraging. I felt so bad and took him back. I will appreciate if the government can help to rehabilitate these people God uses me to heal. There are other people God has used me to heal and their families have appreciated and taken their children, but Busayo’s family is not showing any concern and that is my worry.”

Busayo’s words were not coherent, as he said: “I was living with my dad when I was a mechanic. At a time, he told me he was travelling and so I moved to the Ikeja Barracks to be with my mum.”

When The Guardian contacted Busayo’s mother, she said, “I already explained to Pastor Iyoha. Since his condition started in 2012, it has not been easy for me. I was ejected from the house, where I was staying with him.

There was no church programme or place I didn’t take him to until people advised me to leave him alone because I fell sick in the process. Currently, I’m staying with my 70-year-old sister, who is a widow. I am sick and can’t adequately cater for myself, much less attending to his needs. His brother also tried taking care of him, but he is also sick. I am not at peace with myself because what has befallen me is something I can’t handle. People have despised me and no one is coming to my aid and I ask God for His mercy.”

Brother Iyoha said he has healed about 12 mad people.

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