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End time revival -Part 2


Kunle Adigun

Let us go through Ezekiel 37:1-11 and together by His Spirit bring out the secrets that are relevant to this End Time revival.God initiates revivals. It begins with Him. It is sustained by God and it ends in God. It is not man-made. It is not church-made. It is not spurious. Nor is it accidental. It comes up in Divine seasons. And those seasons are God-appointed. God prepares men for it. God makes His people to be willing in the days of His power.

“The hand of the Lord was upon Ezekiel” (Ezekiel 37:19). It all begins with the hand of the Lord. Revivals cannot be forced. The hand of the Lord is now upon the church in every nation of the world. Men are being prepared. Discerning Christians can sense a new move is about to be birthed in the Spirit. Light is being shed abroad on men’s hearts. The evening light is shining forth (Zech 14:7). This message you are reading is a testimony to this.

The hand of the Lord came upon Ezekiel and began a work in the life of the prophet. “The tragedy of today is that a dead church wants to be used by God to revive a dead world. A dead world is the product of a dead church. A revived world is the product of a revived church.” This is why God works upon His church before He works upon the world. Ezekiel, in the story under consideration, is a type of the church. The hand of the Lord must come upon the church, to purge and cleanse it. The church, as God’s vessel to bring forth a revival, must be broken, so that the oil can effectively flow through to revive the dead world. Every hidden agenda must be dealt with in our lives, so that only Divine agenda will remain.


The hand of the Lord was upon the prophet and the Lord brought him out in the Spirit of the Lord and set him down in the midst of the valley and BEHOLD, it was full of very dry bones. The hand of the Lord upon the church is to change the vision of the church. The church cannot effectively co-operate with God in the labour for revival, unless she puts on the eyeglasses of God and begins to see the way God sees. It is the hand of the Lord that gives the church the “open face” of revelation to see the hopelessness of the situation.

For it is only when we see the hopelessness of the situation in the world today, that the church would see her own helplessness in the matter of bringing revival to the world, by our human, fleshly and largely denominational methods. The church must see the hurt, the bondage and the problems that the devil is bringing upon humanity. The church must see that the crafty is being caught in his craftiness. The very weapons of the enemy to afflict the world are being used by God to prepare the Harvest. The church must see that the field is white and ready for the harvest (John 4:35). We must see the millions that are in the valley of decision (Joel 3:13-14).

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Bro. Kunle Adigun
Friends of the Bridegroom International Ministries (FOBIM)


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