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Enjoying God’s presence – Part 3


Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Ojo

“And he said I myself will go with you and give you rest. And Moses said, if you yourself are not going with us, do not send us on from here.” (Ex. 33:14-15)

The presence of God was fully felt in the house of a particular man, when he did unusual things for the Lord. In Second Samuel Chapter 6, it was a narration of the capture and recovery of the Ark of the Lord. The Philistines captured the Ark that represented the Presence of God among the Israelites. The presence of the Ark in their camp made them undefeatable to their enemies. When David was made king of Israel, the first assignment he pursued was to bring the Ark of the Lord back to Jerusalem (2Sam. 6:2-3). The Presence of God leads to Joyous moment for the Israelites. God’s presence is a threat to unworthy people. Someone touched Ark and died, while another touched the Ark and was blessed.


When God’s presence was experienced by Saul on his way to Damascus in Acts Chapter 9, he became blind and turned from God’s enemy to the friend and Christ’s disciple. David was afraid of God’s presence, and that was why he refused to bring it to the house of David. But the Ark was taken to the house of Obededom the Gittite. “And the ark of the LORD continued in the house of Obededom the Gittite three months: and the LORD blessed Obededom, and all his household.” (6:11) This was an unusual visitation to Obededom and his household.

First, create a room for God’s Ark in your house. Let your house become the custodian of the Lord’s properties, and not devilish materials. What are you keeping secretly that negates God’s plans or God is not interested in? Turn them back to God. (2Kings 4:8)

Second, make a room for God in your heart. “My Son, give me your heart, and let your eyes delight in my ways.” (Proverbs 23:26) Beloved, when God has your heart, he has full authority to control every area of your life. Obededom turned his heart to God and ready to take the responsibility on behalf of the entire Israelites. He was in possession of the power that brings victory to a nation and he was blessed.

Third, the Ark brings blessing and you become a blessing to others. It was a great partnership with God and his household. You and your household can only enjoy God’s presence whenever you accommodate Him. Obedodem knew the secret of God’s blessing and keyed himself into it. He contended for God’s blessings and he got it. The step you will take in your life’s journey that will launch you into unusual blessings this week, may God direct you and open your eyes to it. You can only be an exceptional person, when you key into God’s grace of possessing His Ark. You can’t walk alone to succeed, but God’s presence shall abide with you in Jesus name. Amen.

Rev Dr. Emmanuel Ojo, Christ the Rock Baptist Church, Mende, Maryland.


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