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Enter 2018 – God’s prophetic year for divine overflow! – Part 2


Archbishop (Dr.) Olanrewaju OBEMBE

Psalm 102:13 “Thou SHALT ARISE and HAVE MERCY UPON ZION: for the TIME TO FAVOUR HER, yea, the SET TIME is COME.” Psalm 105:41 “HE OPENED THE ROCK and the WATERS GUSHED OUT; they RAN IN THE DRY PLACES LIKE A RIVER. 1 Kings18: 45, “AND IT CAME TO PASS IN THE MEAN WHILE, that the Heaven was black with clouds and wind and THERE WAS A GREAT RAIN.” Isaiah 64:4 “For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside Thee, what HE HATH PREPARED FOR HIM THAT WAITETH FOR HIM.” Ephesians 3:20 “NOW UNTO HIM that is ABLE TO DO EXCEEDING ABUNDANTLY above ALL THAT WE ASK OR think, according to the POWER that worketh in us.”

2018 has been classified in the 5778 Prophetic year series as a VERY SPECIAL AND UNIQUE YEAR by Messianic Prophets. Within the 5778-year series, the LORD HIMSELF carries out certain activities for His Own People and the Nation of Israel. Nothing is capable of stopping the MOVE OF GOD in these designated PROPHETIC YEARS. God’s Word has gone forth that the YEAR 2018 is a MOMENTOUS year that God has set aside for SUPERNATURAL THINGS to take place in the lives of His people. It is the acceptable year of the LORD. The year of the LORD’S Favour and Mercy for the Supernatural UPGRADE of God’s people. Great men of God have declared from their perspectives, what God is saying. Bishop David OYEDEPO declares that 2018, ushers a NEW DAWN for all of us. Pastor KUMUYI declares that 2018 is the DAWN of a NEW BEGINNING. Dr. Creflo DOLLAR declares that 2018 is the DAWN of a NEW DAY.

Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria declares 2018 as our Year of NEW HEIGHTS. Dr. Kenneth COPELAND declares that year 2018, is the year of the HOLY GHOST AND FIRE. Also, Bishop Mike OKONKWO declares that 2018 is the year of COMMANDED BLESSINGS, while Bishop Wale OKE declares year 2018 as the year of EAGLE’S FLIGHT. Pastor Chris OYAKHILOME also declares 2018 as the Year of the SUPERNATURAL. So many men of God are on the same page with the GREAT EXPLOITS AND SUPERNATURAL WEALTH TRANSFER that will take place in 2018.


Despite the deteriorating economy globally, God has decided to OPEN THE ROCK – the Living ROCK for His people – The POWERFUL ROCK that gives water and resources in the wilderness of our lives. Water is gushing out from the Living ROCK to fulfil the prophetic assignments of God’s people. The Living ROCK that cannot fail, which continually provides the soothing, comforting and sumptuous resources for God’s people. In 2018, God’s people are not going to CRAWL. They are going TO RUN in DRY PLACES like A RIVER. The RIVER of God is going to permeate the lives of God’s people. The people of God will not wallow in the dryness, emptiness and excruciating wilderness of this world. They will BLOSSOM AND PROSPER through the supernatural supply from the Living ROCK. 1 Corinthians 10:4 “And did all DRINK same spiritual drink: for they drank of that SPIRITUAL ROCK THAT FOLLOWED THEM and that ROCK was CHRIST.” Indeed, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard what God has PREPARED for those who have waited for His intervention and provision over the years. It is a year of “PREPARED BLESSINGS.” God has PREPARED a table before His people. God’s people will enter without stress into the blessings that God has already prepared for them. Obviously, it is a year of TORRENTIAL RAIN. God’s people are moving from DROUGHT to DIVINE OVERFLOW of torrential blessings.

In 2018, God will give His people the torrential RAIN that will cause His people to REIGN. Basically, 2018 is a year of ANSWERED PRAYERS. EL-SHADDAI GOD will do exceedingly, abundantly and above our imaginations. The LORD Himself – the Sovereign LORD of the Universe – will step into our affairs and do POSITIVE PLEASANT SURPRISES. 2018 is our year of SUDDENLIES, where there will be sudden interruptions of God that will bring sudden overwhelming resources. 2018 is a year of MEGA TRANSFER OF WEALTH to the people of God. God’s people will handle FINANCES that they have never handled before. INCOME will always be GREATER than EXPENDITURE. John 6:13 “Therefore, they gathered them together and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, WHICH REMAINED OVER AND ABOVE UNTO THEM THAT HAD EATEN.” What is our responsibility in all of these prophetic agenda? 2018 is a year of the Holy Spirit and personal fellowship with God. Every action to be taken by anyone must pass through the furnace of fellowship and FIRE of the Holy Spirit. It is a year that we must speak in the language of the Holy Spirit, more extensively. We should pray in tongues continuously. We must submit to the Leadership, Guidance and Direction of the Holy Spirit as we walk circumspectly in God’s Wisdom with precision. The enemy will always be defeated. Isaiah 59:19 “So shall THEY FEAR THE NAME OF THE LORD from the west and His Glory from the rising of the sun.

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