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Evidence of wrong relationship 2019 – Part 10

By Solomon Ojigiri
22 September 2019   |   4:04 am
Rather than revealing the truth they will put on a façade and give everyone around them the impression that meeting that person is the greatest thing that ever happened to them.

Solomon Ojigiri

Rather than revealing the truth they will put on a façade and give everyone around them the impression that meeting that person is the greatest thing that ever happened to them. They live in deception and hypocrisy. So many people like to give false impressions about the things they are going through in their hearts. They want others to see them as super human, perfect and highly dependable people. But in their heart they are looking for one excuse or the other to get out of such relationships. You do not have to deceive yourself or anyone, it is nothing but a wrong relationship if you have to pretend as if all is well or as if everything is alright. Once you discover that you are just enduring the relationship it is advisable to get out.

Thank God you are not yet married to the man or woman, you can still salvage the whole thing by getting out of it. You must always remember that marriage is to be enjoyed and not to be endured. That is why it is unfortunate to see around us today several people who are merely enduring their marriages as if they were forced into it. There are some who actually found themselves in such situation because they felt they might not be able to get another person if they should back out or come out of that courtship. It is better to come out on time and believe God for another person because we all know that marriage is not a hundred meter dash, it is “Till death do you part.” Why must you sentence yourself to everlasting displeasure, regrets and imprisonments?
Relationship where there is abuse or assault:

I always tell young people that no one need a prophet to tell them that someone who beats them while in courtship cannot be the will of God for them in marriage. A lady once told me of her fiancé who had slapped her up to five or six times while they were still in courtship. She wanted to know if she should continue with the man and marry him. I simply told her that she could continue if she wants to be turned into a punching bag and if she desires to die before her time. You do not need to die for anyone because Jesus already died for everyone.

The will of God is that we have life and have it in abundance. Anything that threatens the abundant life that God has for us is not of God, it is of the devil. You must not allow anyone to kill you before your time, you must not die because of love. There are many today all round the world who are in abusive marriages. That is not the will of God for anyone. The truth is that many of them are regretting it today, some are already divorced as a result of this, but amazingly many of them saw it coming when they were still in courtship but they choose to close their eyes to it because they erroneously believe that love is blind. We can easily know a man or woman who is abusive even by their aggression and impatience when you are still in courtship.

Many men and women have gone to the world beyond because their spouse killed them through assault. There are men going through mid-life crisis and the only way they manifest that is by beating their wives because they see them as the cause of all the mishap or the misfortunes in their lives. It is the will of God that we enjoy our marriage not just to endure it.

Suffice to say that no one can enjoy an abusive marriage. Anyone in courtship must specially watch out for the level of patience in their fiancé or fiancée. It is not only men that are abusive, there are also abusive women who beat, injure or even kill their spouse. It is better to run for your dear life before it is too late. Do not marry anyone who cannot restrain or control themselves.
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