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Evidence of wrong relationship 2019 – Part 13


Solomon Ojigiri

When you find yourself in a relationship with a pathological liar, it is nothing but an evidence of a wrong relationship. No one will want to lie to you, if he or she walks in the love of God. A man or a woman will be willing to tell you the truth, if he or she truly loves you. When a woman or man lies to you, it is an indication that the person does not love you at all. Many so-called believers in our days are nothing but pathological liars.

They are given to deception, flatteries and exaggerations because they do not have the fear of God in them. They give people wrong impressions. There are people who tell lies as to who their parents are. Some also tell lies about the status of their parents, so they can appear big and important before others. Some will also tell lies about their jobs, their income, their qualifications and even their age. I heard the story of a lady who had two children before she got married but she lied to the man that she had no issue at all. To worsen it, she brought the two children to her matrimonial home as house helps. What a deceptive and wicked heart? I heard of a man who was already married with four children in the northern part of the country. He was transferred to the southern part of the country, where he met another lady and lied to her that he was never married.

He eventually got married to the single young lady who never find out until she had a son for the man. Such men are nothing but devil incarnate. I can tell you several of such cases, but they are all true life stories. There was even another similar life story. The lady had already printed invitation cards for her wedding before she found out that her “pastor lover” she intended to get married to was already married with children. A lady that also attended one of our programmes told us that she was already married with children to a so-called pastor who was transferred to Port Harcourt (a city in southern part of Nigeria). But the so-called pastor met another lady and got married to her and now they have children and the so-called pastor still pastors up to that time.

Unfortunately, most of the stories we heard involved pastors, all the singles must be much more careful in our days than ever before. You need to be patient, prayerful and ready to open up to your pastor and counselors and follow their counsel joyfully. Do not be carried away by the titles and positions of the person involved. The reason why people fall victim is because they allow themselves to become too desperate, so much so that they close their eyes to obvious facts or danger signals. We must not forget that we are in the End Time. It is not everyone that claims to be born again that is truly so. We live in a very delicate world that is full of deceptions, hypocrisies and what have you. We must not become too desperate as to disregard obvious danger signals. It is better to back out now than to regret later. Every liar is a child of the devil.

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