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Evidence of wrong relationship 2019 – Part 17


Some of them might even call you a fool, or they will say you were too desperate. Most people usually find it difficult to get out of a relationship, especially if they have done the introduction and the parents are already aware. I usually tell people that there is no point of no return, when you are not yet joined together as husband and wife. Beloved, do not be afraid of what people will say or do, once you are aware of any danger signal, or you are persuaded by obvious reasons that you cannot go ahead with the person. Even if it is on your wedding day, please refuse to be joined together with that person. A broken courtship is better than a broken and shattered marriage.

It will become worse or much more difficult, once you are already pronounced husband and wife. It is nothing but self -delusion to stay in such a relationship because of what others might say. Refuse to endure an abusive relationship or courtship, just because of what people will say. Some even choose to disobey the leading of the Holy Spirit or godly counsels, just because they are afraid of what others would say.
Pressure to perform: When you find that you are perpetually under pressure in a relationship, it is an evidence of a wrong relationship. There are many pressures people usually face in a relationship. Sometimes, it may be that the man or lady puts you under financial pressure or maybe he or she places too much demand on you. All this is an evidence of wrong relationship. For instance, I once learnt of a young man who was a choirmaster of a church, but ran away from the same church because of his fiancée, who was always putting him under unnecessary financial pressures.

He was always getting things for the lady on credit, at a time he could no longer pay up his debts and the creditors were always after him looking for him in the church. He had to quit the church, in spite of his responsibility as the choirmaster. When you are in a relationship and it appears the person is only interested in what to collect from you, it is a sign that you are in a wrong relationship. Furthermore, when you discover that you are always struggling and always under pressure or obligation to perform or impress the man or the lady, so that he or she can continue to accept you, it is an indication that you are in a wrong relationship. To a large extent, you must not settle down with anyone who is not pleased with who you are. It is better to look for someone who can accept you just as you are, even though they desire to see you improve. Of course, we have said in our previous write-ups that relationship and marriage especially is responsibility, we must always look for a balanced wife.

It is true that there are people who erroneously see responsibility as pressures, but there are also men and ladies who will put you under unnecessary pressures, simply because you are in a relationship with them. Imagine a young man who was asked to be paying school fees of four people (brothers and sisters of the lady he was courting) when they are not yet married. I have also heard of men who are not ready to workm but they look for ladies with good jobs or ladies who are financially buoyant to parasite on. They usually belabour such ladies with unusual pressures. Some will tell such ladies to pay rent for them, buy clothes for them or even cook regularly for them. That is evidence that you are in wrong relationship. Do not allow anyone to kill you before your time because of relationship. Refuse to be a slave to anyone in the name of courtship.
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