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Evidence of wrong relationship – Part 4


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Before we begin to itemise the evidence of wrong relationship let us quickly examine why people make the wrong choices in life.

Why People Make The Wrong Choices In Life

• Ignorance

People make wrong decisions or choices because of poor or inadequate information, God said, “my people are perishing for lack of knowledge.” (Hos 4:6).

You need to be adequately informed if you must make a wise decision. One of the major areas of preparation, therefore, is in acquisition of knowledge or information.

We can only over come ignorance as we study God’s word and read relevant books.

• Lack Of Exposure:

Exposure brings to us the several options that are available; we need to be exposed to the numerous options available in order to choose right. Many young people are too anxious to make a choice.

Even at secondary school (high school) you will see a small girl saying she cannot live without a particular boy, but after some years she finds herself in the university, only to regret the earlier choice she had made without having the necessary exposure to some realities of life.

She made a choice while she was not conscious of who she was, what is good for her and the future that lies ahead of her. You need to learn from the mistakes of others. Refuse to rush into any relationship so you won’t have to rush out of it.

• Lack Of Genuine Salvation:

Romans 8:14 says, “As many are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.” God can not lead you until you surrender your life unto Jesus Christ; God is willing to lead His own people. Living without Christ makes you to walk in darkness or confusion. The voice of God is not for those who are merely religious. It is meant for those who are ready to be serious with God.

• Lust Of The Flesh:

When we allow ourselves to be ruled by lust and the desires of the flesh, our choices will be based on mere looks and physical qualities only. We must refuse to be carried away by the container and ignore the contents. We must always place priority on the content. The content is much more important than the container.

• Materialism And Selfish Desires:

When we allow the love of material things to control our lives, we become blinded to every other thing. So many will not see anything in a man or a lady as long as the money or the material wealth is present. When your desires are just to improve your financial status through marriage, you will become blinded to character flaws. Remember, not all that glitters are gold.

• Pride:

When you are full of yourself you will not be willing to ask people questions or make necessary findings. Pride makes people assume they know everything; such a person might be looking for a relationship that will make him brag and boast to his or her friends. Pride also makes you develop unnecessary immunity against people’s views, advice or opinions.

• Wrong Motives:

There are several reasons people desire to get married. In my book “Ten marriages that will never work.” I explained several wrong reasons for marriage. Once your motive is wrong you will constantly enter into a wrong relationship.

For example, if your desire is to get someone that will satisfy your sexual desires, or just someone that will cook for you, you may not be bothered about other issues.


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