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Finding the right partner in marriage – Part 4


How God speaks to us – Proverbs 20:27.

There’re many ways God speaks to His people but it’s His prerogative to decide how He wants to speak to you.

The Word of God
The Bible is the primary avenue through which God speaks to us. It contains God’s perfect will in written form. When you study and meditate on the Bible, the Holy Spirit quickens a verse to you, which will meet your need for guidance. There’s the story of a young Christian who needed God’s direction on the business to pursue. As he meditated on Matthew 5, God quickened verse 13 in his heart. He instantly knew God wanted him to go into selling salt and through that, he became a millionaire


Revelations – Direct Supernatural Leading
A revelation is a divine communication of God’s will and purpose. Revelation comes through:

The Inward Witness
The inward witness is the deep-seated perception of “knowing in your spirit” what God wants you to do. God would speak to you with what may sound like your own voice within you. This inward witness is the most common way to receive guidance from God. Only those who are born again can experience this.

The Inward Intuition
Inward intuition is closely related to inward witness. For instance, you may want to do something and as you begin you sense a “red light” or even begin to feel heavy and sad. If you notice that this feeling dissipates immediately you stop then it may be that God is asking you to watch it.

Dreams are thoughts in the form of images passing through the mind while asleep. There are three sources of dreams: God, the devil and yourself. Because a hungry person may dream of eating when he sleeps, every dream must be confirmed by the word of God and by ‘spiritual sensibility’.

Visions are supernaturally revealed pictures that instruct us as to what God would want us to know. They occur with your natural senses still active or suspended.

The first is called OPEN VISION and the second is called a TRANCE. In Acts 10, Cornelius had an open vision, while Peter had a trance.


This is an inspired prediction or utterance concerning a particular situation. True prophecies are from God’s and always in agreement with the word of God. Every prophecy must be tested with the Bible and confirmed by one of two other methods by which God speaks so as not to be deceived.

God can also lead you through the counsel of godly Christians who has experienced what you’re going through. King Solomon said: “For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war and in a multitude of counselors there is safety” (Proverbs 24:6).

Divine arrangement:
God may also lead you to your life partner through what may start as casual friendship. When you begin to notice an intense attraction, which goes beyond having normal friendship, it could be of God. When this happens it’s worth going to God in prayer to confirm His will.

God can use anyone or a combination of ways to lead you. Every Christian ought to develop a means of hearing from God through the inward witness. Other supernatural ways are at God’s discretion. This is so because God deals with us in different ways. For each particular Christian, God has a favourite way or ways of giving him guidance.

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