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From despair to positivity – Part 1


Israel Akinadewo

Resilence, Endurance and Perseverance are three important words that define the ability to withstand unpalatable situations. They are three of a kind that brings about inner and outer strength of a man, which will be unquestionably noted through the character that he displays, when challenged.

This also, is the main reason why it is really difficult, as children of God, to properly appraise the level of our faith, when things are moving on well for us, just as we have planned or envisaged.

In reality, the true character of a man, as said earlier, is properly known as per what he does and how he reacts, when he faces hardship, disappointments, tribulations, persecutions and the likes.


However, in most cases, even experienced and matured Christians react negatively and forget to come to the reality that the Christian faith is not really about the enjoyment of things of the world, but purely about our not losing our beliefs (not backsliding), when we are faced with the pains that the world may bring us.

If the level of our faith drops, as a result of the challenges we face, then we are yet to fully establish relationship with Jesus Christ, but we have basically become one of the people, who are born again by mouth, but not in deeds.

In addition to the earlier statements, we may at times be challenged on things, which could lead to depressions.

We may encounter downturn in our finances, to the extent that the unbelievers would challenge our faith, and if thereafter, we resort to lamentation then or continuous lamentations, will mostly lead to disbelief and before we come back to our senses, we would have gone back to the world.

Explanation of the Bible text

The Bible passage made it absolutely clear and unambiguously understandable that, several among us believers, will be troubled. Many will face tribulations and that the matter of disappointments and broken hearts are not alien to us as Christians.

It was to let us be aware that the unbelievers may not even be encouraged, to wanting to follow our godly steps by the unpleasant positions that we may find ourselves.

It is like “Look at the poverty level of the one preaching to me”, and “if this his low level is what it takes to serve Christ, then I’d rather continue in what I have been doing, which guarantees riches for me.” What a statement from a worldly heart and a shortsighted one!

In view of this, true believers should not betray any emotion or be weakened by the inability to get their earthly desires. The economic depression and downturn in our nation, state, community and household should never redefine our Christian faith and belief in God.

This, Jesus Christ made very clear in Matthew 4:4 (AKJV), that “….as it is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

From Hopelessness to Hopefulness

The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (2009 New Edition) defines hopelessness as a situation in which there is no possibility of being successful in what we intend to embark upon.

This is a situation, where we may lack the economic power to execute what we have put on paper as our plans/projections. This could also relate to unprepared circumstances like ill-health, barrenness, lack of helper and disappointments, thereby leading to no feasible hope from anywhere.

Remain permanently under God’s banner!

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To be continued

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