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From story to glory


Prophet Sunday O. Nwabeke

And the Lord visited Hannah, so that she conceived, and bare three sons and two daughters. And the child Samuel grew before the Lord” 1st Samuel 2:21.

History has recoded that most of our great men and women were people that were challenged with numbers of problems. Most of the people went through story upon story without an indication that they will succeed someday.

Hannah went through her strong experience before she encountered a prophetic visitation.


From the perspective of Africans, if a man marries a woman, the family (of the man) six months or one year in marriage, and in a situation this fault is from the husband or his family members, but the whole blame will be shifted to the alleged woman.

This was the situation of Hannah. I could perceive she went through humiliation and rejection from people.

Beloved, without story experience, you may not ascend to glory experience. If you’re presently passing through hardship, do not be terrified, but believe God for a way out.

All the heroes in the Bible were men that saw nakedness, hunger, humiliation and other terrible experiences. People want to be identified with men of success.

I’ve a message for you, your hour of manifestation is at the door. When your story changes to glory, your contemporaries will succumb to you in all areas, when your hour comes people will locate you. Success attracts people.

Son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good solider of Jesus Christ” II Timothy 2:1,3.

Hardness is part of Christian experience. Christ suffered and left us example. Thank God, Jesus was glorified. The same way Jesus was glorified, you will be glorified if you endure to the end.

The condition to entering the realm of glorification is to be strong as a good soldier of Christ. No soldier is honoured until the battle is over. The fact that you are still struggling means the battle is not over. Keep going with optimism.

A lot Christians give up at the point of miracle. Tough time is not forever. David went from pain and frustration to laughter. In another score, the Bible recorded that David (a man of valour) wept and became confused, Ist Samuel 30:4. Perhaps David asked, why me, why me, why me?

Have you cried before? What is the thing that made you cry? How do you feel when your hope is turned down, when a member of the family is taken captive, when a friend of yours mocks you and stigmatises you as failure?

How do you feel when your business is not responding positively? David wept. My joy is that he encouraged himself. He didn’t wait for his parents to comfort him. He foresaw his destiny, and refused to be discouraged, 1st Samuel 30:6. It is a big slap for discouragement to jeopardise your glorious destiny.

Joseph went from prison to palace. I know he was enthusiastic in the sense that he can’t abandon his people. Friend, what is the message in your mouth? Is it the message of story or glory? Persistency will always propel you to the next level of honour. When persistency is out of this battle, failure becomes inevitable.

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