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From story to glory – Part 2


Prophet Sunday O. Nwabeke

Mephibosheth suffered rejection until God’s favour located him, II Samuel 9:6-7. God’s favour will locate you in that valley of loneliness where you feel all is over. Like they say, it’s not over until it’s over.

The God that remembered the poor Mephibosheth will remember and comfort your discomfort. Do not feel terrified; there is a way for you. Catch your miracle in the name of Jesus.

The Appointed Time
God is not a confusionist. There is time for everything.

Every miracle comes at its appointed time. Story changes to glory at God’s appointed time. Worries and complaints do not move God. He works according to His time, Ecc. 3:1-3

Your time may not conform to God’s time. There is a particular time.

He has fixed for you to rise from shame to joy and from story to glory.

A lot of folks lack patience and as such, they are compelled to initiate themselves into occultism, and before they realise it, the devil has taken their lives. Until your time comes, there can’t be a solution to that problem. Delay is not denial. Jesus knows His time vividly. You can’t tell Him what to do.

Now is your time of freedom and victory over Satan and his cohorts. When it was time for Joseph to be announced, where were his contemporaries? When Modeccai entered his season where was Haman? When Jesus resurrected, where was Satan? When David was removed from the wilderness to palace, where were his antagonists? When Sarah’s womb saturated with God’s time and power, where were her enemies?

That sickness is a stranger. Now is the time to experience total deliverance and healing in your bones, marrows, blood and body in Jesus’ name. It’s time to laugh away your infirmities and other ugly things in your body.

Desire A Change
Though there is time for everything, until you desire a change there can’t be a change. What do you desire? God wants you to desire deliverance, healing, salvation, breakthrough, favour and long life.

What you desire is what you see. Do you need a miracle in the morning, day and night? If you desire nothing, you get nothing.

The size of your desire determines the outcome. Learn to desire big, big everyday. Abraham desired Isaac and God gave him. Hannah desired a prophet, God gave her Samuel. Jacob desired a deliverer, and God gave Joseph. Jesse desired a King and God gave him David. King David desired a successor and God gave him Solomon. Isaac desired a wife and God gave him Rebecca.

What have you desired? The expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. Are you satisfied with your present status in life? Until you desire a change of job, you may not encounter one. Until you desire promotion in your company, you remain an abandoned project. Until you desire salary increment, your status can’t be change or lifted.
Come out of your comfort zone and desire a change today.

Regarding Your Testimonies
Please write and tell me how the Lord has blessed you through reading this book.

I personally will be encouraged and others will be insured and strengthened by learning of your experience with God.

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