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Frustrating tokens of the diviners – Part 1


A token is a sign, while diviners are those that use divination or satanic means to look at the future of someone. There are different types of divination. One is “Palmistry,” which is the act of reading the palm of a person to tell his or her future. Another one is “Crystomancy”, the use of crystal ball or mirror for fortune telling. Again, we have “Hydromancy,” which is looking into water to tell the future of a person. I decree to you whatever means has been used against you to look into your future will backfire in Jesus name. Most diviners are also enchanters. Enchantment is using satanic means to pronounce a spell on someone and the person begins to act accordingly. Our Bible text talks about the tokens of liars, this implies that diviners always use a token and it is that of the liar because it is from the devil.


The devil is the father of liars, and everything he says is a lie and will not come to pass. Ps. 2:1-4 says “whatever your enemies imagine or enchant against you is in vain, it shall not stand”. If they say you will not make it in life and you become successful, then they are liars. Those that enchant against you will run mad without remedy. Lam. 3:37 says “no man has the power to say a thing if God has not commanded it”. Whosoever is standing at the middle of a river, burning mid night candle or carrying a calabash to a T-junction because of you, their counsel will backfire. Whatever they say against you is back to sender. No weapon fashioned against you, emailed, twittered, Facebooked, or sent by dream to you will prosper in Jesus name.

A token is a sign and there are different types of token. In Gen 9:12, God used the rainbow as a sign of His covenant with man that He would not destroy the earth again with water. In Ex. 12:13, blood is used as a token upon the house, so that death will pass over them. Thirdly, God used circumcision as a token. In Gen. 17:11 He told Abraham to circumcise every male member of his household, as a sign of His everlasting covenant with them. This involves the removal of the flesh of the fore skin and this sign separates you from others. Note that the devil is counterfeit, and he does the same things in the opposite direction to mislead people. It is important that we know some of the tokens the devil uses. The first of them is INCISIONS.


These are cuts made on the body intentionally, often times to extract blood for certain use. These could become microchips for evil powers to locate you wherever you go. Long after the cuts are made, the spirit behind it follows and identifies you as their property. Deut. 14:1 says “you shall not cut yourself or make tattoos on your body”. In some places, when a person dies, friends and relatives are made to make cuts on their bodies or cut their hair for certain rituals. All these open doors for demons to follow you and can be used against you. If you have engaged in this before, may the blood of Jesus speak for you and bring you total deliverance today in Jesus name. Another token of the devil is LACERATIONS.

These are marks inflicted on a person at night, oftentimes by witchcraft powers, to collect blood for the renewal of their covenant with the person. Other tokens are the use of PADLOCK to lock the victim’s destiny, the use of KILLER DOLLS and fastening of NAILS to a place, usually a tree in the forest. As long as the nail stands, so the victim’s life is nailed to a spot. Every witchcraft nail or padlock used to lock you down is broken in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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