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Gleanings from the life of Samson – Part 12


Ejikeme Ejim<br />

The Philistines, through Delilah, desecrated the secret of Samson’s power by shaving off his hair. The spirit of God immediately left Samson and consequently, they captured him, gouged out his eyes and bound him with chains, which he was not able to break off like other times. Howbeit the Bible said that the hair of Samson’s head began to grow again after he was shaven, meaning that his strength began to return. God can always come back. If you have broken the vow, the vow of a sanctified life unto God, in these days that we are calling for revival, let us all return to God.

You can regain all lost grounds through the help of the Holy Spirit from whatever it is or whatever it was that the devil has used or using to make you to begin to go back and you begin to become ordinary, ordinary person until you finally become ordinary and people will begin to say, ‘Are you the Christian we used to know?’ In those days in the church, when the Holy Ghost service was being conducted, people would gather around the church peeping through the door and the window to witness Power as of old. Also in those old days, when a person or an organisation was looking for people to fill any position of trust, they could confidently come to church and pick someone because that member had given his life to Christ, the Holy Ghost Had taken control and the Word of God had taken charge of his life. But these days, you may not take that risk.


The devil was eliminating Samson in stages and in instalments, until the Glory of the Lord finally left him. Is this Samson, the mighty warrior? Yes, but he sold himself gradually, gradually, gradually, gradually until he fell finally. Have you been falling gradually and you got up again you preach and great things happen? You fall, you get up again you preach and great things happen, but Delilah is there? You get up again you preach, maybe your church membership is now expanding, but you know you have a problem, you know it. I cry out and say to you before the Spirit of God finally departs, please stop. God can restore your lost anointing, glory, giftings, talents, health, strength and whatever you may have lost, as you return to Him.

When the spirit of God finally leaves you, your eyes may be plucked off. Whatever that will mean in your life, you will not be able to see again and appreciate nature and know where you are going and be independent. Someone has to lead you by the hands and people will make a mockery of you and say, ‘this is the man of God, but see where he is now.’ He didn’t stop when he was talked to stop. He didn’t stop when he was being warned that the Holy Ghost would soon leave him and that when the Holy Ghost leaves him, he will become like an ordinary man, yet he didn’t stop.

If the church of Jesus must be rescued, God will rescue it through us. But if we say God cannot rescue it through us, I tell you surely God must rescue His church. If you don’t want to be part of the rescue team, God will leave you out. There is always a remnant, which God will use. The Church of Jesus cannot disappear. The Church of Jesus must remain and nobody can remove the Church of Jesus Christ.
Today’s Nugget: Your Hair Can Grow Again
Prayer: Lord, revive and restore me again
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Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God Nigeria


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