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God wants you to prosper – Part 2


James O. James

Last time, we started another series on the fact that God wants you to prosper. Then, why is it that in spite of the fact that God wants us to prosper, not every believer has prosperity? In answering this question, I said (quoting from my book 7 Laws of Money) that there are principles governing money, and until we become acquainted with and practise them, we may end up living in penury.

There are many of us whose lives can be likened to that of the donkey, which has strength and works diligently in the farm, but isn’t allowed to eat from the very farm produce it helped to cultivate and harvest. The labourer and security guard work very hard and for long hours, but they have little to show for all their hard work.

Another animal that exemplifies the experience of some other people is the horse. This animal is very smart and intelligent, fearless and aggressive, but is it also a beast of burden; used and abused. There are many of us who are intelligent and smart and have great CVs with many years of post qualification experience. You’re always selected for special assignments and tasks because you have the ability to solve problems. If you are a tenant, you may be chosen to become the Chairman of the Landlord/Tenant Association of your street because of your charisma and knowledge. In your career, you may have climbed the ladder of success, but the fact is that you’re still been used; you’re not yet your own master.


I know a friend who lives in a rented apartment and pays millions for his apartment, drives two cars but if he loses his job today, may not be able to maintain his current standard of living. He is not a master of himself and his time, in spite of the seeming comfort he enjoys. If things suddenly go wrong, he will be thrown into the sea, unprepared and incapable of coping with the trauma.

Like I said last week, it is not so much how much you earn that matters, but your ability to manage what comes in as income. Are you not amazed that drivers and cleaners are landlords in Lagos, while bankers who earn a lot of money are still tenants?
God wants you to prosper, but there are things you must know that will bring the kind of prosperity He desires for you.
God wants you to be like the Unicorn – Psalms 22:21

The Unicorn is a very powerful animal that has only one horn. However, its power is not in its horn, but in its eyes.
It has Two qualities:

• Perceives – It can see through. Nothing gives you “sight” like “Insight” and insight comes through meditation. Meditation is intense and consistent thinking on things that edify (that add value). This is what brings about creativity. To be able to make good money, you have to be creative, because you have to be offering something special or uncommon for money to come to you.
• It has value: What gives you value are
• Your gifting
• Your anointing
• What you’re doing/qualification, skills
• What you do for people
• Committing to the right people.
Increase your value, and you will increase the money you will attract.
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