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God’s Requirement At This Hour


Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Pastor Lazarus Muoka

BELOVED, whether we give heed or not, the end of all things is at hand. Our attitude cannot change the programme of God to bring this world to an end. God has already forewarned us of the obvious signs that will enable us know that the end has come. And these signs, which range from nation rising against nation, kingdom against kingdom, earthquakes taking place in diverse places, sudden economic recession that affects the whole nations and sorrows, wars and rumours of wars, increase of violent crimes, men loving themselves, children disobedient to parents, people having no natural affection, increase in the number of lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God are all happening before our very eyes. It is a warning that the end has come.

To all believers, the end of all things should be the most important event in life. This is because it closes our trials and persecutions. It fixes our character and seals up our destiny. It incites us to ensure our garments are spotless and our lives are blameless.

We should not expect further warning than these. What holds God’s hands from the anticipated destruction of this generation is the prayer of the saints. Why the antichrist has not assumed his full work in the world is because rapture has not occurred. And why rapture has not happened is not because the wickedness of the wicked is not enough to cause God to destroy the world, but that you who is a believer should position yourself for the divine flight called rapture. This is because the Chief Pilot of our life has, through the aforementioned signs, made the last appeal to all earthly pilgrims to prepare for the final take off to our home above.

Beloved, if we are told the end has come, it signifies that we should bring to an end all our plans and interests in this world. If it is the end, we should practically begin to demonstrate that we have another home and, therefore, must cease to decorate everything that belongs to the dying world.

The Captain of our faith has given the final warning to His people. He said, ‘Be ye therefore sober’. Our preparation for the final departure to our mansions above should be in a state of soberness, which entails being more careful, temperate, thoughtful and serious in whatever we do. It is a caution to flee from all appearance of evil and stand only on righteousness and holiness.

Such an announcement of the end of all things by the Master should lead us to be serious, and to pray. That is why He admonishes us to watch and prayer. We must watch that we may pray; and pray, that we may watch. We should look out for the end of all things in such a way that we will embrace all proper opportunities for prayer and consecration. It is a fact that men naturally pray when they suppose that the end has come. That is the reason accident leads them to pray when they suppose it may lead to the end. That is why they often pray in sickness even when they have never prayed in days of health. No man can tell certainly at what time it will come; no man can demonstrate that it may not come at any moment. Everywhere in the Scripture it is represented that it will come at an unexpected hour, as a thief in the night or when men shall be slumbering in deep sleep.

And now we have seen all the signs coming to pass, thus the warning for the final departure.

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