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He that reapeth, receiveth wages – Part 2


Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Jn. 4:36 says, “And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.”

In every labour, there is a reward. There is a reward for gathering the souls that Christ laboured and died for. When a believer wins a soul, it elicits overwhelming joy in heaven, thus there is a reward awaiting him in heaven. The God, Who is the King of the Kingdom, will reward him bountifully for labouring to overpopulate the kingdom of Heaven and depopulate the kingdom of darkness.

The number of souls he won determines the reward credited to his account in heaven. And this measure of reward is the wage he receives, which could be converted to financial blessing, good health, deliverance from various afflictions, increase of ministerial anointing, employment opportunities, promotion, favour, breaking of yokes of poverty, barrenness, family curses, etc.

There was a young believer, who had a problem, and went to many places seeking solution, but to no avail. Before then, he never considered evangelism a task, which every Christian should do, to receive wages or reward from heaven. He prayed fervently for a solution to his problem, but no answer came his way. Not that there was no solution available, but he couldn’t get one immediately, as expected because his account is zero in heaven, where his help comes from. Although he is a Christian, but since he never gathered, heaven kept mute, because the Bible says it is he that reaps by gathering souls that receives wages. And this is a statement of fact in every situation a Christian found himself.

But when the brother attended Edo 2010 evangelical campaign and heard the life-transforming message of the Pastor, it compelled him to embark on a solo evangelism at the end of the crusade. Some evangelists, who could not understand him, persuaded him to first return to Lagos before embarking on his evangelism. But our brother gave no heed to the discouragement; rather, he vowed to do God’s work without taking into consideration of his health challenges and what he would eat or drink. As far as he is concerned, God’s work must be done with or without any source of income, for He, the sustainer of His servants will not disappoint.

From 2010, he started the evangelical work till 2016, six years of active service of gathering souls, and God never leave nor forsake him. Above all, the health challenge that was a thorn in his flesh disappeared as soon as he came to the ministration of the General Overseer at the headquarters in Lagos. This was possible because the Scripture says, he that reapeth – he that gathers souls, receiveth wages. The brother gathered souls and was thus qualified for the wages of the healing he received.

And having worked for God for six years, it is certain that he has garnered lots of resources to his account and whenever he prays, God will answer. No wonder the Bible implores us not to lay treasures on earth, but to lay them in heaven, where neither thieves nor moth can enter to destroy. Our brother laid much treasures in six years of unalloyed service to the Lord, and because miracles are children’s bread, he received miracle. This young man’s testimony is meant to encourage us to sit up and not wait until we are hired. Many people are playing with religion, but the true Christianity is he that reapeth, receiveth wages. Beloved, let us labour to reap, so that we may earn wages from above.

Are you a Christian? I entreat you to put this teaching into practice, because if you do, you will gain treasure that will sustain you forever. The principle is very simple, it says: ‘he that reapeth, receiveth wages’. It will be a sign of disobedient and wickedness, if you will go to the Lord with empty hands. Why not use this opportunity to gather fruits that will last forever?
John 4:36, says, “And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.”

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