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Hellfire is real, Bishop Uzochukwu reminds christians

By Princewill Ireoba
17 October 2021   |   3:08 am
Bishop of the Diocese of Mbamili, Anambra State, The Rt Rev. Obiora Uzochukwu, has reminded Christians that after death, one must either go to heaven or hellfire.

Eldest son of late Chief Edmund Anene Ejidike, Engr Noel Ejidike (fourth right) flanked by Bishop Uzochukwu (third right); Rector of Ibru Centre, Ven (Dr.) Princewill Ireoba (fourth left); Rev. Ndubeze Anieto (third left) and others at the burial

Bishop of the Diocese of Mbamili, Anambra State, The Rt Rev. Obiora Uzochukwu, has reminded Christians that after death, one must either go to heaven or hellfire. The Bishop, who preached at the burial service of an Onitsha-based community and church leader, the late Chief Edmund Anene Ejidike at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Agulu, Anambra State, noted that God revealed to John the Divine what are to take place at the end of times, many of which are already taking place, thereby necessitating getting ready for the remaining ones, as they will also surely take place.

Among the things shown to John, Uzochukwu said was ‘the lake which burns with fire and brimstone’ prepared for evildoers.

“Hellfire is real. It is God Himself Who said it. Don’t believe those who say otherwise,” he said. Uzochukwu stated that Jesus also spoke of the existence of hell in the Parable of the Rich man and Lazarus, where he made it clear that it is in this life that one prepares him/herself to go to heaven and escape hellfire. He explained that the journey to heaven or hell starts from the earth, and that everyone should know his destination while here on earth.

Highlighting ‘unbelieving’ in the list of what takes one to hellfire, as contained in Revelation 21:8, which he read, Uzochukwu explained that the way to eternal life starts with believing in Jesus Christ. Also citing John 3:18, the Bishop said judgment will be based on whether one believes in Jesus or not. And so, the way to avoid hellfire and partake in eternal life in heaven is by accepting Jesus Christ. Consoling the family of the late Chief Edmund Ejidike, Uzochukwu recalled that his relationship with the deceased started during his childhood days, when the Ihiala branch of Onitsha Anglican Children Ministry (ACM) to which he belonged, was meeting in their house. The Bishop added that he later met the eldest son, Noel, in Bishop Crowther Junior Seminary, Awka, when he started secondary school and also when he became the Vicar of St. Faith’s Church, Onitsha.

Uzochukwu, who extolled the virtues of the deceased, especially industriousness and godliness, said: “He started as virtually a nobody, but by diligence and divine grace, became great. He was highly disciplined. His life itself is a gospel.”

The deceased’s eldest son, the Managing Director of Noelab Engineering and Construction Ltd, Engr. Noel U. Ejidike, also commended his late father for the legacy he left behind and the commitment to training them, especially preparing him, as the eldest son to succeed him. In a special tribute to him, Noel said: “Your love towards my siblings and I, and the dedication with which you raised us especially I, can only be compared with that of Christ for the Church… Your decision to send me to seminary school, not minding the cost implication was to make sure I follow the way of the Lord and get the best of education. You endured my youthful exuberance to the extent that I damaged your vehicle beyond repair, but it did not deter you from focusing to see me grow into a responsible man.

Your eightieth birthday celebration was filled with joy that you blessed all of us from the depth of your heart. That was the day you gave me the name ‘Afunwaecheta Nna’.

You have always been of good service to the church and Agulu in general, and you served so faithfully that everywhere we go, those who knew you speak so well of you. You are trusted by any man that encounters you because of your integrity. I have been enjoying goodwill and so many favours being your son for the life you lived…The widows and the needy cried when they heard you have departed and all I hear is who will give us now that he has gone. I pray God will help me to meet their needs like you always do.

Your systematic handing over to me with confidence commenced in line with your plan because you believed you have invested so much in me.”

The late Chief Edmund Ejidike served the Church and his community in numerous capacities, including as a member of St. Peter’s Church Committee and Chairman of the Church’s Building Committee, Chairman of Agulu Anglican Communion (home and abroad) and executive member of Agulu Development Union.