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Holding unto God until you testify

By Prophet O. Azuka
02 January 2022   |   3:20 am
Abraham was a man of faith. He believed and trusted God with his whole heart. Abraham had a dream from the Lord promising to give him a child.


Abraham was a man of faith. He believed and trusted God with his whole heart. Abraham had a dream from the Lord promising to give him a child. He believed God and held onto the promise until it manifested. The Lord equally promised to make him a father of all nations and that his children would be like the stars in the cloud.

This promise, ordinarily, would have been a tall dream, too difficult to believe due to obvious factors. Firstly, Abraham was already stricken by age, as well as his wife, such that biologically, it was impossible to believe such a promise.

Again, Abraham had no history of God’s miracles before now, neither had he any mentor to learn from, but he believed God and followed Him by faith. It was God’s voice that propelled his believe. He believed that the Almighty God had spoken and that it would come to pass. Practically, everything was against Abraham; his age and the deadness of Sarah’s womb would have been a source of discouragement, but he chose not to look at all that. He rather looked up to the mightiness of God who is able to do all things.

It is instructive for believers to always remember where they met God; what God said to them at a particular time, notwithstanding the circumstances around them. The Lord should be a focal attention of a man of faith, who sincerely wants to walk and receive from God.

A believer should, at all times, resolve to believe God for what He can do. In seemingly discouraging times, a child of God should sing praises to God, worship Him and believe in His promises.

Heaven has chosen to bless Kingdom Power in this season. It is now a question of choice for individuals to trust and believe God for His promises. Having faith in God’s spoken words is the only thing that will bring the promises of God to reality. It is faith that pulls down God’s promises. His names are remarkable for the wonders He did in the lives of His people. God revealed Himself to Abraham and Moses with different names that attributed to His greatness and wonders. They believed and walked with Him in the greatness of His names throughout their sojourn on earth. Exercising faith in the word of God, which is higher than His names, makes everything possible for believers.

A persuaded Christian will not listen to the discordant voice of the enemies in the face of God’s promises. God is dependable and trustworthy. His is faithful to His promises and should be trusted for that. He can never disappoint those that believe in Him.

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