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Holiness: A must for pilgrims on highway of holiness



Holiness is a life of a believer. Therefore, it is not negotiable. The faith a Christian professes is holiness. Nothing takes holiness away from us as a church of Christ. Having been delivered from all works of flesh and the devil’s antics, we are to live a life of holiness.

As we travel on the highway of holiness, we must preserve and work in holiness. The confidence of a Christian that stands to challenge the kingdoms of darkness is hinged on holiness. The secret of Christian victory is holiness. And in order to make it on the highway of holiness, there must be persistence and steadfastness. Obviously, there is a terrible risk on the highway of holiness for careless believers who are distracted. To be successful on this highway of holiness, there should be continuity without deviation.

Anyone that professes the Christian faith without holiness is an empty vessel. A Christian has no life without practical and transparent holiness, which is the life of a believer. Holiness is a call from God, Who has called all believers to holiness and not to uncleanness. Holiness is a regular and consistent lifestyle that must be lived on a daily basis.


Holiness covers a wide spectrum of our lives as Christians. The Lord has commanded all believers to be holy in all manner of conversations. A believer that is committed to holy life must not be garrulous. During the marriage ceremony, holiness must prevail. On no account must a believer compromise with unbelievers during marriage ceremony. Some Christians succumbed to the pressure of the world and condescend to the level of buying alcohol to appease them. This is most unfortunate to say the least!

There is boldness and confidence in holiness. A holy believer stands with his shoulders high to challenge the devil and ugly circumstances in life. He is not afraid of the castigations of the wicked because he knows the life he lives in the private and open. This virtue is possible with dogged determination to live a holy life one day at a time. The Lord that commanded us to be holy has also given the grace to live a holy life.


Some practices in some Christian assemblies have been endorsed as the standard. Women have been given ‘licence’ in some churches to wear trousers and leave their hair open while in the presence of God. This runs contrary to God’s standard of holiness. Anybody who engages in these acts cannot be said to be holy, according to the standard of God’s holiness. Frankly, holiness touches every facet of a Christian life, such as the words of our mouth, our conducts and relationship with others, the kind of clothes and hairstyles. Holiness rejects in its entirety, the worldly hairdo by women and jewelries. And no justification will make it align with the approved standard of God’s Word. Earrings and the likes are strange gods before the Almighty God.

Holiness is worth dying for. If it demands shedding your blood to defend holiness, it is a glorious death. Don’t sell your birthright; give your life for holiness.

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