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How safe to serve God in times of terror, adversity


‘The Torah Of Holy Adhonai Of The Hebrew Made It Clear That When One Wants To Kill You, Kill Him First’

It would be stating the obvious that this is a perilous period for Christians in Nigeria, especially those in the Northern part, where they are under incessant attacks and killings, with their churches either set ablaze or destroyed by unidentified raging groups. So far, there has been no recorded reprisal attack from Christians. While it is true the Bible enjoins Christians to pray for their enemies and those who persecute them, it is expected that the civil government will come to their rescue and protect them against harm. Where government fails repeatedly to do its job, what are those things Christians can do to defend themselves, without offending the Bible and disobeying government? CHRIS IREKAMBA and ISAAC TAIWO report.

‘It Is When Law Enforcers Fail That The Need For Self-defence Arises’
(Rev (Dr.) Samson Olasupo A Ayokunle, National President, Christian Association of Nigeria/President, Nigerian Baptist Convention)
SELF-DEFENCE is simply common sense, which God has given to all creatures, including animals, to defend themselves against impending danger and death. Every human being is to employ self-defence, when there is impending threat to his or her life. Some animals fight back, when humans move too close to their territories, because they feel their lives are in danger.

So, if animals defend themselves against impending danger, why should human beings be foolish or naive not to do so, when somebody is approaching with dangerous weapons that can terminate life and bury dreams?
In civilised societies, there are law enforcement agents, who are to make sure that no one is a threat to the life of another, and if there is any such, they quickly rise to the occasion to apprehend the individual and caution or bring him or her to book. It is only in a society, where law enforcers fail to do their duties or give various excuses, such as ‘unknown gunmen,’ that people take responsibility for their personal defence. In other words, self-defence means ‘being sensible enough to prevent impending danger from catching up with you.’ I don’t think any nation’s law is against this.

Why do we have to pass through scanning machines at airports before boarding a plane? Is it not to prevent the airport and travellers from experiencing danger? Why do we have to put barricades at some entrances, such as police barracks, churches and mosques? We do so in order to defend ourselves against terrorism and other dangers that may come through those entrances. Let the law enforcement agents in this country rise up to their duties of apprehending criminals that are on the increase these days.

Our law does not permit reprisal attack, as it is jungle justice. Any other attack, either in the name of religion or any other guise is criminal and perpetrators of such should be made to face the wrath of the law. If law enforcement agents and agencies do their work, occasions for self-defence would be reduced or may not even arise. They must, therefore, not only prevent criminals from having a field day, but also should also apprehend them immediately and make them face the wrath of the law. It is when law enforcers fail the people that the need for self-defence arises.

‘Every One Should Protect Himself/Herself Because Govt Has Failed In This Regard’ (Anthony Olubunmi Cardinal Okogie, Emeritus Archbishop of Lagos)
PEOPLE have taken Christians for a ride by misinterpreting the aspect of the scripture, which says: “If one slaps you on the right cheek, turn the left to him.” Everyone has the right to preserve his life.

Let us, for instance, examine the life of animals. When animals know that you do not have any intention of harming them, they will be friendly with you. However, if for any reason they have the inclination that you mean harm, they would attack you.

Even though a rational human being, but I am not dense at all. The saying that the law is an ass can be interpreted right, left and centre, as anyone wishes. We have seen that government is not coming up with enough protective measures, which compels everyone to protect himself/herself.

Only God can make life and if anyone allows his life to be terminated by those who feel they have the right to take it, the former would give account of his or life to God. It is, therefore, compelling that everyone should take precaution. No man is a fool!

‘…Except In The Case Of Self-defence’ (Professor Nabi Coz Chaim Nwoye, Chief Rabbi Of Bet Knesset, Nigeria And Africa)
ONE must defend himself/herself, when it is necessary to act so, for the book of Torah of the Jews stated in debarim (Deuteronomy) chapter 25:17-21: thee should remember what the Amalekites did to you as you were coming from mirzhim today Egypt.

They had no fear for Yahweh and so they attacked you from the rear when you were tired and exhausted and killed all who were straggling behind so then when the holy adhonai your holy Yahweh has given you the land and made you safe from all your adversaries who lived around you. Be sure to kill all the Amalekites that no one will remember them any longer, Do not forget.

Of course, other fact rebuild, for no circumstances will warrant you to kill, except in the case of self-defence was what the book of Torah of Jews vocalised, for who kills must pay with the blood. And ‘the holy Torah order for every Jews per person is worth of 100 non-Jews, and for a murderer is a brutal stainless, according to the Torah book of wayyiqra (Exodus). The tanak (Bible) of the Jews stated in the book of mishle (Proverb) chapter 18:21 ‘help your brother and he will protect you like a strong city tower, but if you quarrel with him, he will close his doors to you.’ You will have to live with the consequence of everything you vocalised. What you voiced out can preserve life or destroy it. So, you must accept the consequence of your utterances. See this tanak statement with book of mattithyahu (Matthew) chapter 11 v 12 from the time of yahchana (John) preached his message until this very day the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence attacks and violent man try to seize it, which indicated that the strife and offensive cannot cease in the existence of the domain of monotheism, for your eyes shall not have pity on a murderer for life shall be for life, eye for an eye, see the Debarim (Deuteronomy) 19 v 21 the further tanak (Bible) quotation stated that a sword to sword and whoever stone you, you should stone him or her back. All these quotations are words of revenge of the tanak (Bible), which also revealed that you should not revenge.

Do you observe that the tanak is a two-edge sword? See mattihyahu (Matthew) chapter 5 v 38-47, which advocated, you have heard that it was uttered an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but promptly I tell you, do not take revenge on someone who wrong you. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, let him slap you on the left cheek too, and if someone take you to court to sue you for your shirt, let him have your coat as well, and if one of the occupation troops, force you to carry his pack one kilometer, carry it two kilometer, when someone asks you for something, give it to him, when someone wants to borrow something, lend it to him.

You have heard that it was uttered love your friends and hate your adversaries. But promptly I tell you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may become the son of your father in the holy heavens. For he makes his sun to shine on the righteous and evil people alike, and gives rain to those who do good and to those who do evil. Why should holy Yahweh reward you if you only love only the people who love you? Even the tax collectors do that! And if you speak only to your friends, have you done anything out of the ordinary? Even the pagan does that! He further vocalised you must be perfect — just as your holy Father in holy heaven is totally perfect. So, in all this fact, we have seen that good and evil are working together to achieve the best optimist, but we can afford to be killed daily without revenge, for the Torah of holy adhonai of the Hebrew made it clear that when one wants to kill you, kill him first, for after demise comes judgment, which every one will conclave in Zion.

‘We Should Get Ready To Defend Ourselves…’ (His Eminence, Dr. Samuel ’Emeka Uche, Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria)
IT is not that Christians should carry arms and begin to kill, as some people do. However, I believe now that Christians should be on the defensive. We should get ready to defend ourselves, but we should not be on the offensive. However, if anyone comes to me in my house to kill me, I will bite him. Even as a priest, I will bite him.

I am using a metaphor, when I say that I will bite him. People should know that they do not have the monopoly of killing. Other people can equally kill.

Christian Association of Nigeria has decided that our followers should defend themselves. It is high time we started to defend ourselves. This is, however, not the utmost. What we are preaching is that there should be harmony, tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

If as a Christian, a man like you comes to you with a knife and begins to harass you, use a stick and strike him on the hand so that the knife drops. If it drops, he has become a devil, then break his head. You are not killing him, but you are just breaking his head.

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