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How to increase favour in your life


Thanksgiving provokes overwhelming favour, it is the atmosphere that turns your seed into great harvest.

To increase your favour level, certain principles must be in place.

What is favour? Favour is not a concept, but a reality, something you can see and handle.


Favour means having God’s approval, having God’s backing in whatsoever you are doing.

Favour is very important in the journey of life, like fuel in a vehicle to enhance its movement and cause speed to take place, so is favour in the lives of men and women to enable them fulfil God’s purpose for their lives.

Everyman on earth has favour, but levels differ. Favour of God upon a man increases with usage, and if you don’t put the favour of God in your life to work, it remains dormant, inactive, it will be suspended.

God’s favour towards all men is not the same. With usage, one man’s favour is above the other.

(1 King 10:9) favour of God over a man’s life is not for himself, but for the people God has surrounded him with.

God favoured David and set him on the throne of Israel, not for himself but for the people whom God loves.

Banana produces banana fruit for people to eat and not for itself; the sun does not shine or give light to itself, but for other of God’s creations.


Likewise, no man is favoured, blessed or placed in a place of honour for his selfish or his selfish interest, but for the needs and interest of others. Elisha the prophet had the gift of healing, but he died from sickness.

He was sick to death, as he could not use the gift on himself, but the dead body of a man thrown into his grave came back to life through his anointing. Until you wake up for others, victory will be very far from you.

Whatever gift God has given to you is not meant for you, but for others.

Your years on earth do not count, but the lives you imparted is what counts.

To increase your level of favour, you must increase in your level of thanksgiving to God (Luke 2:52).

Jesus Christ is God in man. He is sinless, not corrupted or polluted, if He can seek for favour, while on earth to fulfil His ministry, then we must seek for favour the more, to be able to succeed and fulfil our purpose and God-given assignment on earth.

You need the wisdom of God to use the gift He has given to you for His work and glory.


Wisdom, good health and favour helped our Lord Jesus to last long in the ministry and to finish well. Favour is not automatic; you have to work it out.

If you want to finish well, look unto Jesus and follow His ways. Favour means having God’s backing and approval.

Samson had God’s backing to kill and he succeeded to the glory of God.

God’s backing comes in different ways to different people to carry out their God-given assignment.

No man can live successfully and in peace without God’s backing – favour. God does things beyond our comprehension.

God’s backing helps you to excel and to enjoy doing what He wants you to do. He is honoured and well pleased with it.

Thanksgiving means Appreciation, Adoration, and Glorifying (1 Thessalonians 5:18) your life must be characterised by thanksgiving.

When you are called to do the impossible, in the midst of difficulty and pressure, be calm and give thanks to God first.


He will take care of every situation. Don’t pray with anxiety.

You will still experience hard time, even when you are favoured. A man of favour cannot be stopped in the journey of life.

When thanksgiving becomes your way of life, unsolicited, unspeakable favour will be attracted to you.

You are permitted to enter His gate without thanksgiving. God takes notice of those that gives Him thanks (Luke 17:15-18).

In everything, give thanks to God.

Favour of God makes you indestructible in the conflict of life, generational misfortune is cleared from your life, you are shielded, and you receive mercy from God. If you take God for granted, you will be grounded in the journey of life.

Thanksgiving means giving something to God out of a Grateful, Loving and Joyful Heart, thereby creating an atmosphere for the inflow of God’s blessing (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13).

By giving to those who God has placed above you.

Honour them, value them for they are vessels through which God has been speaking and saving the lives of men.

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