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How to open heaven’s door – Part 2



The fervency of our prayer and force of our faith often show how important our request is to us. Coming back to the illustration of knocking, the desperate man who is knocking at the door to meet a pressing need will knock differently from a casual visitor with no definite purpose.

Those who knock casually in prayer often have wandering thoughts while praying; they are formal and repeat the same phrase each prayer time; they do not have any specific need in prayer; they habitually sleep off when praying; they lack freshness of thought and have no grip on any promise of God; they do not remember what they have prayed for and they are not conscious of their spiritual state. Like the Christians in the ancient city of Laodicea, they are lukewarm in the closet, too lazy to seek urgent remedy for their spiritual malady.


Intensity in prayer is demonstrated by the righteous, whose fervent prayer avails much. Watch Jacob at Peniel; observe Elijah on mount Carmel; visit with Abraham as he intercedes for Sodom; follow Moses to the mount, where he pleads for backslidden Israel on the verge of destruction; kneel beside Daniel, as he prays for Israel’s seventy-year captivity to end; feel the great heaviness and continual sorrow in Paul’s heart, as he cries in prayer for the salvation of his kinsmen according to the flesh, and you will catch a glimpse of what it means to knock with importunity and intensity.

God is so eager to bless us, and if we are as eager to be blessed, our spiritual stature will change so quickly that it would be difficult to recognise us. Our lack of thoughtfulness is often our greatest hindrance. We hinder ourselves more than any enemy; demon or Satan can ever do. Holding on to iniquity or sin is the major reason we knock and knock in vain. Sin is dangerous and deadly in itself, and it also hinders the opening of heaven’s door of blessing.

We commit two evils against our soul in one stroke: we poison ourselves with iniquity and at the same time prevent remedy and infinite goodness from coming to us. Repentance and cleansing in the fountain of Christ’s blood will remove all hindrances. Then, we shall pray and God will answer; we shall knock and the door will be opened; and we shall also decree a thing and it shall be established unto us.

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