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How to win your loved ones to Christ


Timi David

The only way to get sinners saved is to get the gospel to them. The Gospel is the Good News about Christ. This Good News is the only power God has, to bring all those who believe unto salvation. The reason why many have not come to Christ is because they have not really heard the gospel. Most of the sermon preached around the world today is not the Gospel.

It’s very true that God wants His children to prosper and be in good health, yet prosperity message is not the gospel. Most of what pastors teach in African churches today is Success Motivation, but as helpful as these teachings are to believers, it’s not the Gospel. The irony of the matter is that these days, you can attend a church for ten years without hearing the true gospel about Christ.

People need to hear the Good News about Christ before they can become born again. Belonging to a denomination does not guarantee salvation. Learning the doctrine and practices of a church can’t save a soul. Being moral and avoiding sin does not make you a child of God. It is putting faith in the finished work of Christ that brings salvation.


The surest way to get people saved from the power of hell is to get the gospel across to them. Terrifying a sinner about hell can frighten him, but can never change him.The message of condemnation will only make sinners give up on themselves, as it brings hopelessness and a sense of damnation. Telling sinners how much God hate sin without telling them that Christ has paid the debt for all our sins: past, present and future will not help them either.

The Gospel tells the story of a loving shepherd that left ninety of his sheep to look for one that was lost. The story of the prodigal son, who spent his inheritance on harlots, living a riotous life with friends in a strange land and how his father welcomed him back home, by throwing a big party for him, when he came back to his senses and returned home. This speaks volume of what the Good News is all about. The return of a lost son brought great joy to the father, not minding the wasteful life he lived. The Good News is the story of mercy and grace. It is the greatest story of love ever told!

This story tells us how God came down in the form of man to die for the sins of the man He created. The Son of God came as a baby through the Virgin Mary. He put on the form of man. He was tempted in all ways, yet was without sin. He walked the earth like humans, ate what they eat, drank the water they drank, suffered what they suffered, felt their pain and understood their limitations. He bore their sickness and grief in His body. He was beaten so their sickness could be healed; the chastisement of their peace was upon Him. He did not only pay the price for man’s sin with His blood, He is the ultimate payment for sin!

He died so that humans can be free from the grip of sin. The sin of the first man (Adam) was what made man a sinner by nature. In the same way, the righteousness of this second Adam (Jesus) is what makes us as righteous as God Himself. He took our sin, so we can have His righteousness. He took our place in death, so we can take His place in life. This is a great mystery, for as He is in heaven now, so are we on earth.

The Gospel is so simple that it will take a religious person to confuse you about it. The truth is that religion is the greatest tool through which the devil fights the Gospel. Religion is the greatest enemy of the Gospel. The devil loves religious people. Though religious people may start their Christian journey in the spirit, they resort to self-help to becoming perfect. Many have become legalistic in their service to God. Religious people abandon God’s way of making them right with Him and establishing their own way of being right with God.

To learn more about who you have become in Christ, please join our On-line Class. Send “add me to SOS” to +234 333 04640 with your name and location.Faith in the finished work of Christ is what brings salvation. And this Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. (Rom 10:17). The Good News births faith in our heart to receive the gift of salvation, which God freely give us in Christ. The truth of the Gospel is the way to the Father! So, if you want anyone saved, get the Good News to them!
To learn more about who you have become in Christ, please join our On-line Class. Send “add me to SOS” to +234 333 04640 with your name and location.

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