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How will you be remembered?


Chidi Okoroafor

Key Verse: Psalm 90:12, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” (KJV)
Have you ever stopped to think about how you will be remembered? I mean, when you are gone and people stop by your grave or sit around in the house and talk about you, what will they say? On the other hand, you might wonder if you will be remembered at all. How will people measure your life? What kind of an impression or impact will you have made on others? The truth is that, in one way or the other, we are all leaving behind a legacy. People will remember us in certain ways.

As you move around the streets, you find Obituary posters pasted from one corner to the other. Doesn’t it remind you that you are just a tenant here on earth and that one day you will quit this world? But, have you given a serious thought to how you will be remembered? Will your life count, when you are gone?

Each day you live is an addition to the history of the world that the next generation will read and form their opinion, whether you added value to the earth or you were a liability to the world. Legacies are very important to the overall summary of a man’s life history. Paul the Apostle probably did not leave an estate or money behind when he died, but his writings are huge blessings to the Church.


A man’s legacy is like perfume or fragrance. The Bible says: ‘A good man leaves an inheritance’ (Proverbs 13:22). What will yours be? Start investing in something meaningful according to God’s definition. Money, properties and educational achievements are good on their own, but they should be used rightly to earn you eternity with Christ in Heaven and to write a godly legacy about yourself. Let the world remember you, when you say bye to this sinful world for being a faithful marriage partner, raising godly children, building the Kingdom of God and making your light burning for Christ.

Are you making daily investments in the lives of people who follow you and come in contact with you? All amiable and enduring legacies come with a price tag. We must live each day to make our lives count, both while we lived and after we have exited. The Psalmist said, “Lord teach me how to number my days ….” We must make wise economy of our time here on earth, so as to make positive impact in the lives of people we meet.

We must live right and align our footsteps in accordance with the Word of God, so as to live a meaningful life that shall be full of impact here on earth. We are pilgrims, we are just passing by and one day, the Creator of the Universe will demand an account from us of how we spent our lives here on earth.

Your death will either be a blessing or curse, depending on how you lived here on earth. Are you living and shining for Christ? Is your life an example to the unsaved? What message will your lifestyle communicate to people, when you are no more? Revelation 14:13, says, “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’ ‘Yes,’ says the Spirit, ‘that they may rest from their labours, and their works follow them.”

Heaven is a place of reward for those who lived right here on earth. Are you living right? In case you are not, today is the acceptable day of salvation. Jesus is beckoning to you to come with your load of Sin and He will give you rest.
Today’s Nugget: All amiable and enduring legacies come with a price tag.

Prayer: Lord, help me to make my life count, while I live and after my exit here on earth in Jesus Name, Amen.

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