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It is time to give birth – Part I


John Okene

Text: Isaiah 66:5-13
There is an appointed time for everything in life, and this is called set time as we see in Psa. 102:13. It is a time of your divine opportunity. At full term, a pregnant woman also gives birth. Note that everything in life has a womb (Psa. 110:3) where the gestational process occurs. Being pregnant in this context is irrespective of gender and you can be pregnant with different things. In Habakkuk 2, we see that one can be pregnant with a vision and this goes through a gestation period that varies from person to person. Often times, when we don’t see the manifestation when expected, we tend to think that there is a delay, but at full term, God ensures that there is a delivery. For some persons, it could be a vision of getting married; carrying your babies, see your children make it in life or doing something great for God, it will surely manifest in Jesus name. I decree that there’s about to be a birth of your vision that will announce you to the world. Another thing you can be pregnant with is prophecy. There could be prophecies released upon you by men of God or you received directly from God and you have waited so long that you begin to wonder if it was really from God. Some prophecies go through delay and others, speedy manifestation. In Gen.


15:13-15, God told the Israelites that they would spend 400 years in Egypt, but it turned out to be 430 years. The enemy can bring a delay on God’s plan for you and if you are not wise in handling it, you could lose it completely.

A third thing you can be pregnant with is miracles. Miracles are real and when you hear people share testimonies, you wonder when yours will come. Just one push as you read through this article, your miracle shall be delivered in Jesus name. You must push to deliver your miracle because the devil goes around with a 4-point agenda to stop you from giving birth. First of all, he introduces doubt and unbelief and such a person cannot receive anything from God (James 1:6-8). Secondly, he brings in delay, as we see in the case of Daniel with the Prince of Persia. When a man experiences delay, it makes the heart sick, as it seems like all hope is gone. The devil’s mission is to kill and so, some miracles suffer stillbirth. It is delivered quite well, but lost on the way. You need to be wise.


This explains why some people get their miracles but cannot sustain it. The devil’s fourth agenda is to kill the mother. A man waited for so long to get an appointment, but died the same day the appointment letter was sent to him. Whosoever is waiting to kill you before your breakthrough will go down by fire. In Gen. 35:16-18, Rachael died just after the delivery of her second son. After many years of barrenness, she never lived to enjoy her children. The ancestral powers of her father’s house followed her with a curse because she stole her father’s idol. Every curse that says you will deliver and not live to enjoy it is broken in Jesus name. Our Bible text says those who hold God’s word in high esteem shall not be put to shame. Every area where you travail financially, martially, or spiritually you shall be comforted, God will cause you to bring forth your great expectations. Every great vision Nigeria is pregnant with shall be delivered in good time and the nation’s joy shall be complete. We shall suck and be satisfied with the milk of the land. May God extend peace upon the land and rain down his anger like a whirlwind upon the enemies who stand against the birth of a new Nigeria.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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