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Jesus came to redeem us from the consequences of the fall – Part 29


Other methods we should take to confront and break the power that demons exert over us and others are by confessing the power of the cross and the efficacy of Jesus’ blood (Rom3: 25; Col2:15; Heb2:14-15; 9:12, 14; 10:12-14), by praying in the Spirit (Acts6:4; Eph6:18), by fasting (Mat6:16) and by driving out demons (Mat 10:1; 12:28; 17:17-21; Mark16:17; Luke10:17; Acts5:16; 8:7; 16:18; 19:12).(f) Pray especially for the Holy Spirit to convict the lost concerning sin, righteousness and the coming judgment (John16:7-11). (g) Pray for and eagerly desire the manifestation of the Spirit through gifts of healing, tongues, miracles, signs and wonders (Acts4: 29-33; 10:38; 1 Cor12:7-11).
The Last Days Of History (1)

THE LAST DAYS OF HISTORY mean the events that lead to the culmination of God’s purpose in creation. “He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God” (Rev 21:3).

The purpose and goal of God in creation
God has specific reasons for creating the world (1) God created the heavens and the earth as a manifestation of His glory, wisdom and power (Ps 19:1; cf Ps 8:1). (2) God created the heavens and the earth in order to receive back the glory and honour due Him (Ps 98:7-8; 148:1-10; Isaiah 55:12). (3) God created the earth to provide a place where His purpose and goals for humankind might be fulfilled. (a) God created Adam and Eve in His own image, so that He could have with them a loving, personal relationship for all eternity.


God designed humankind as a triune being (body, soul, spirit), possessing mind, emotion and will with which they can respond to Him freely with worship and serve Him as Lord out of faith, loyalty and gratitude. (b) God so desired this intimate relationship with the human race that, when Satan succeeded in tempting Adam and Eve to rebel against and disobey God’s command, He promised to send a Saviour to redeem humankind from sin’s consequences (see Gen 3:15).

In this way, God would have a people for His own possession who would enjoy Him, glorify Him and live before Him in righteousness and holiness (Is 60:21; 61:1-3; Eph 1:11-12; 1 Pet 2:9). (c) The culmination of God’s purpose in creation is recorded in the book of Revelation, where John describes the end of history with these words: “He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God” (Rev 21:3).

The Sequence Of This Dissertation Shall Be As Follows:
(1) Who Are We? (2) Three Kinds Of People; (3) Warnings About “The Day Of The Lord”; (4) The Certainty Of Christ’s Return; (5) The Day And The Hour No One Knows; (6) Signs Of The Second Coming Of Christ; (7) The Rapture; (8) The Resurrection Of The Body; (9) The Judgment Of Believers; (10) The Second Coming Of Christ: (I) What Will Happen At The Second Coming? (Ii) The Judgment Of The Ungodly (Iii) Those Who End Up In Hell (Iv) The Acts Of The Sinful Nature (V) Standards Of Sexual Morality (Vi) War In Heaven: War On Earth (Vii) The Antichrist And The False Prophet (Viii) The Description Of Hell (Ix)

The Great Tribulation (X) The Age Of The Antichrist (Xi) Conclusion (11) What Next: Repent! (12) Christ’s Messages To The Seven Churches; (13) Further Notes On 10 Qualifications For The Rapture; (14) What We Know About Eternity. Mobile: +234 803 344 6614; +234 808 123 7987


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