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Kingdom Dragnet: Parable of pebbles and fishes


Pastor Ogundare

Text: Matthew 13: 47-51
The occurrences in the contemporary church leave us with much to imagine. But its status should not bring confusion and discouragement to the heart of the righteous. Jesus had foreseen all such while He taught the disciples. The parable of the dragnet is one of such inspiring revelations that can x-ray the contemporary church.
Dragnet: The Strategy (vs. 47)

Every kingdom has a modus operandi for its continuity! For the kingdom of heaven, God mapped out the “fishing strategy” as a means of advancing the Kingdom. There are many fishing methods, but emphasis was laid on the ‘casting of nets.’ It seems that every believer is expected to divinely receive a net and learn how to cast it for a catch. Individual churches, fellowships and denominational bodies should possess this kingdom dragnet for soul winning. Have you sought the face of God as an individual, group or church to receive kingdom dragnet? Are you putting your dragnet to use? Per adventure, this medium may be a dragnet given to this writer!

Dragnet: The Operators (Matthew 4:19)
At a point, Jesus lamented that the harvest was plenteous but the labourers were few. He further requested the disciples to join Him to pray to the Lord of harvest to send more labourers. If the kingdom strategy is to cast nets; to gather souls from the world of sins, then there are labourers recruited by God as “fishers of men.” Another challenge in the contemporary church is that labourers (fishers of men) are diminishing in number. People that hold the dragnet of music ministry, preaching ministry and others are interested in monetary and superficial gains. If it will not add money into my pocket, it’s not worth labouring for. What an irony!


Dragnet: The Harvest (vs. 47 – 48)
Every time the dragnet is thrown for a catch, it drags ‘all sorts’ from the world. First, ‘all kinds’ suggests different species. It justifies existence of different church denominations. We are one but differ in outlook. You might be Jew and I Greek. But this is no reason for division, as Christ is the uniting factor. Second, ‘all sorts’ could mean any other things aside fish – crabs, dirt, pebbles and their kinds. I guess that is the situation in the church today— unwholesome combination!

Brethren, I challenge you to join the labouring team to cast the kingdom nets to drag in sinners from the open world. They are ripe for harvest. Thereafter, be prepared for the sorting process through discipleship. While we are waiting for the day of reckoning, we should be agents of transformation to ‘all kinds’ caught through our nets.

Abimbola A. Ogundare
Pastor, Peaceway Baptist Church, Ikotun
12/14 Audu Street, Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos State +234-907-871-2107;


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