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Knowing the will of God – Part 3


Prophet O. Azuka

Knowing the will of God is very important in our walk with Him, and it is not limited to the area of marriage. It transcends beyond marriage; it covers all facets of human endeavours. The full understanding of the scriptures under discourse will broaden the narrow and parochial view of believers in choices and decisions they make in life. 

Before knowing the Will of God, it is necessary to know the position of oneself in the Lord. Man is created in God’s image. This simply denotes that we are like God and should act like Him in all ramifications. Therefore, we should go with this all time knowledge that uncovers the veil of ignorance. The will of God is that His children will succeed in life. God expects that man should live with this knowledge.


The act of knowing God’s Will should characterise the life of Christians in order to guard them against pains occasioned by wrong decisions. The moment one becomes a child of God; he ceases to walk by sight but by divine leading and direction. Man is blind to the realities of life and this reflects in the choices he makes each time. Man is so limited that he cannot see the end from the beginning; he cannot see what tomorrow holds. In decision-making, ‘tomorrow’ is expected to be accommodated but because man is limited, his decisions or choices may not cover his ‘tomorrow.’ This is why every Christian should carry God along in the minutest decision he/she makes. Enquiries should be made in prayer to the Almighty God to know His Will about any intending decision.

Many young ones have made costly mistakes in their marriages because they never sought the Will of God. Most marriages that are consummated out of sight crash land in a short while, due to the fact that they were not according to the will of God. The challenge with young people is that they walk by sight; their decision is not subsumed in God’s Will. Some people marry either because the man or woman goes to the same church or graduated from the same university with them. Destinies are being wasted today because of wrong choices in marriage.

The Lord knows more than we do! He describes the heart of man in Jeremiah 17:9,10 as ‘desperately wicked, who can know it?’  This informs the reasons why God’s Will should be sought in marriage. It is instructive to learn that marriage is spiritual! It is not a carnal affair! It is an institution of God. The real marriage is what the individual possesses inwardly and not the outward appearance. Any man or woman who marries because of beauty will soon cry, as the beauty will fade with time after marriage. This is the undoing of Samson, who married out of sight and ended his life miserably. He never sought God’s Will. Rather, he walked by sight and even defied the godly advice from his parents. He married a heathen. On no account should a believer marry an unbeliever. It is forbidden and cannot be sanctioned by heaven.


It is wrong to allow anybody whatsoever to choose a life partner for you. Unfortunately, some people have turned matchmakers, even in the church today. This is fundamentally wrong and can ruin marriages.

God’s Will is also necessary for a business partnership. Prayer is required for God’s Will and directions before partnering with anybody in business to avert danger and regret. The reason is that man’s heart can only be known by God alone. Many have fallen into the hands of false brethren, who messed up their business partnership. At times, such partnership ends up in court cases. It is completely wrong and divinely forbidden by God for a believer to partner with an unbeliever in a business relationship (2 Chron. 20:35-37). Even in choices of career, the will of God is very important.

Believers should be wary when choosing places to live or buy land. God’s will is needed for direction. Some Christians have ended up buying myriads of problems in a bid to buy land. Some fell into the hands of fraudsters and ended up in court, while some people move into new accommodation and lost everything, including their lives (Ruth 1:20-21).


Obviously, some lands are not good for habitation because of the problem inherent in them. Some lands are cursed like the land of Moab (Jer. 2:6). Christians should tread with caution in decision-making. Carry God along in every step you take in life. Man is limited and cannot see afar as God. As you make your choices, ensure you involve God all the way for direction.

For further reading: Genesis 1:26-28.

References: 1 Cor. 3:16; Luke 10: 38; Gen. 2:21-24; 2 Cor. 6:14-16; 2Chron. 20:35-37; Jer. 17:11; Luke 12:20-21; Jonah 1:1-4, 10; Numb. 13:32; Jer. 2:6; Ruth 1:20-21;Gen 6:3

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