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Lagos: Scholars organise seminar on peace education


The fourth yearly commemoration of peace walk was held at the University of Lagos, to promote Peace Education among students and to promote peace in Nigeria. Already, the virtue and identity of peace had long been recognised and has formed part of society’s fundamental core value and foundation, but positive peace advocates want message of genuine peace to call for unconditional love for human race, for love to be taught, promoted, and see to it that the right thing is done, and that no one or party is treated unfairly.

At the event, Mr. Babatunde Oni, Associate Professor of Law, University of Lagos said: “Peace education is the process of acquiring, equipping learners with tools for developing knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed for resolving differences and conflicts in non-violent ways and living peacefully with oneself, others and environment. It involves resolving conflicts of intra-personal, international and inter-group without violence. Peace education is also considered to be a philosophy and a process involving skills, listening, reflecting, problem solving, cooperation and conflicts resolution.


“Peace education can be integrated, with a total transformation of the curriculum, educational system or culture, training and equipping teachers for peace education, compulsory peace education from primary school to the university, curriculum of society studies should be broaden in the primary and civic study in the secondary schools. Such teaching tools as arts and scientific illustrations will be of assistance. Study of peace education should be made compulsory general study in the university, mounting a separate discipline at Master’s degree level.”

Kingson Uwandu also said: “The essence of this event is to advocate peace education in Nigeria. Peace is not just a concept or a phenomenon; it is a way of life, a culture. It is a heavenly image and identity. As a Bible student, I have been able to see through the eye of God’s word what peace entails. Peace is His attribute, and everyone is expected to conform to that identity or image to be qualified or gain acceptance to God.

“From the foregoing, the importance of introducing peace education in our school curriculum and inculcating its essentialities in young minds in their various institutions of learning and advocating restoration of peace in every human endeavour and sphere of life cannot be over emphasised.

“There cannot be a meaningful development without peace. War torn countries and communities experience high level of hardship, backwardness, as facilities and amenities are always destroyed by war and unrest. Hate, which precedes tension or war, is another factor responsible for lack of meaningful progress in our country and other world countries. Love is a known antidote for hate and war. We have been accordingly commanded to love our neighbours like ourselves, which is the greatest commandment and even our enemies too.


“I strongly believe that when the fundamentals of peace are taught first at homes and religious centres, taught as a compulsory subject or course of study in different institutions of learning, practised and promoted by society, peace, unity and progress shall be restored in our nations. Or it can be integrated into many other courses or subjects. No one will underrate the importance of peace again. Everyone will likely conform to the identity of peace to achieving world peace. You will have peacemakers, advocates and ambassadors in every nook and cranny of the world. The message of peace, justice and love will be better understood and well assimilated. We must pursue peace with all men, and avoid unnecessary things that engender strive, hate or tension; and be gentle to everyone. Let us, therefore, follow after the things, which make for peace, and things that one may edify another with.

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