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Lessons from COVID-19 – Part 2



• During this period again, some who will gladly visit the health centres or hospitals couldn’t do so during the lockdowns. There were some COVID-19 patients that were reported to have underlying sickness. This worsened the effect of the disease on them. The risk of getting out of the sickness became very low. Part of what can affect our health is improper hygiene. We need to watch what we eat, as it speaks more about our health status. Our environment is also important to be tidy. The COVID-19 pandemic warns us to always watch our health at all times.

• When the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic was getting beyond control, there was the need for a lockdown order. During this period of lockdown, the government constituted a task force, which was saddled with the responsibility of formulating policies on how to control the spread of the disease. Some of these policies are Social distancing; Wearing face masks; Avoidance of crowded places; Sneezing into the inner sleeves and others. These policies are meant to ensure a society safe from COVID-19. This is indeed for the benefit of you and me. Remember that Paul even admonished us in his epistle to the Romans chapter 13 verses 1 and 2 to obey authorities, for they are instituted by God. Therefore, for the sake of our health and others, we must obey the government on these policies.


• For the period the lockdown persisted, the economy was badly hit and businesses put on hold. Most families couldn’t afford to eat again, but some philanthropists gave palliatives to the needy in society. This again upholds Christ’s teaching that we must love our neighbours as ourselves, as mentioned in Matthew 22: 39. May I use this medium to ascertain that there is no one that is independent. We depend on others for one thing or the other.

Then, we should think of lending a helping hand to others around us and never mock anyone for whatever he or she is passing through. Be your brother’s keeper.

• Back in our days, we would gladly sleep outside during hot weather and on some occasions would wake up in the dead of the night and wouldn’t be afraid of any evil from any man, except dangerous animals. Fast-forward to now, it is dangerous for anyone to try this act now, for fear of kidnappers, bandits, and others. Paul wrote that the love of money is the root of all evil, 1Timothy 6: 10. There is an increase in evil in our land because of the mad rush for money. Meanwhile, during the lockdown, many had money in the bank but couldn’t access it. Many had money at hand, but there was nothing to procure with it. Many others were stranded in the place they visited last before the lockdown. Others couldn’t do elaborate ceremonies, where money could be lavished. Then, what is the meaning of affluence gathered but doesn’t belong to us? The COVID-19 taught us to be satisfied with whatever we have.

(The Rt Rev. Dr Isaac Oluyamo, JP, is the Anglican Bishop of Ijesa North Diocese)


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