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Lies! lies! lies!!! – part 1


Apostle Paul Taiwo Adenuga is President, Faith Revival Apostolic Church and Apostle Paul Gospel Outreach

Our world is falling today and our generation is dying because we have chosen our path to tell, support and campaign lies. We have made lies our refuge.What is a lie? A lie is to say something that one knows is not true, to give false impression or to mislead.

The Bible says, for this reason, the Son of God manifested to destroy the devil’s work (1 John 3:8). Whosoever tells lies belongs to the devil, for the devil is a liar from the beginning. Lies means devilish act. This is the reason the devil succeeded in the Garden of Eden by lying against God. He said what God did not say to deceive the first woman on Earth and they both fell in the hand of Satan (Genesis 3:1-5). 

Today, people say I know God, the Father that I’m serving. But I want to tell you that the only Father that can save you in the day of trouble is the One that does not support lying. The Father that said I’m the way, the truth and the life. He that came to show us the way and they that follow Him don’t tell lies. They hate and don’t support lying. They see lying as wickedness. 


It’s a pity today, especially in the Nigeria of today that our nation is dying because we have made telling lies our refuge (Isaiah 28:15). Refuge means shelter or protection from danger, trouble, etc. This is the immunity all liars are enjoying in the country today. If you come out and tell lies against innocent Nigerians, they promise you protection and promotion, you become popular and there is nobody that will harm you. But let me tell you, the protection, covering of God is not guaranteed.

Remember, man proposes but God disposes. This is the same thing that happened to Judas Iscariot, which made him betray Jesus Christ. Repent and accept Jesus today.
Every Liar is a murderer (John8: 44). In our nation, we as Pastors that are meant to preach the truth are telling lies in the name of “gain.” The President lies in the name of power. A politician’s father is a liar in the name of money. Our Judiciary today is a den of liars. Our medical practitioners are no more saving lives, all in the name of lying. Lying to one another has swallowed our generation, but remember that Jesus remains the Father of truth.

In the name of promotion and gain, multitudes have become liars. But to stand in the gap, to remain in the presence of God, we should stop telling lies (Psalm 101:7). In our country today, the general overseer tells lies. Leaders in Christendom tell lies and call it wisdom. Wisdom from heaven does not tell lie (James 3:17). Jesus is Lord.

Apostle Paul Taiwo Adenuga is President, Faith Revival Apostolic Church and Apostle Paul Gospel Outreach
203, Idimu Egbeda Road, Faith Bus Stop, Idimu, Lagos.

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