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Life Is Journey (III)

By Venerable Stephen Wolemonwu
29 January 2023   |   3:18 am
Like a hold-up, this could be the end of the journey. You should never mistake a hold-up for blocked point.

IV. A Blocked Point
Like a hold-up, this could be the end of the journey. You should never mistake a hold-up for blocked point. That you have come this far does not mean you cannot make a U-turn. Decision at this stage and point is very important. Ask yourself:

• Do I want to wait for eternity?
• Do I blocked the road?
• Is there any hope that help is coming for me to clear the way?
If not, know this:
There is always an unpopular path to every destination.
When one path is closed or blocked always know that the other will be open
To know this path, do the following:
• Open your eyes; look out for easy-way out of the blocked point.
• Open your heart — be ready to receive help.
• Open your mouth — ask for help.
• Open your hand — give and sacrifice where necessary.
A Narrow Point

V. A journey has a point where the path is difficult, narrow and challenging; they are all part of life. It is a page or a chapter, which form part of the components of the journey.
Remember that the path being narrow does not mean it does not lead to the destination; no, it is just a phase of the journey. Keep faith!
The size of the road calls for caution, apply it; be watchful not to crash, if others made it through these paths, you too can.
Only, watch the road signs; be careful of the potholes, respect other road users.
VI. A Stop-over Point
Rest is an ingredient for a successful life. At rest, the soul is refreshed, energised, re-enforced and re-determined to move on.
At a Stop–over Point, some people do the following:
• Sleep off
• Rest off
• Lose off

At this point the best thing to do — Remember!
a) It is just a temporal rest: “Don’t make it a destination.”
b) It is just to refresh: “Don’t get into gluttony.”
c) It is just to gain energy: “Don’t get into a fight.”

Ask yourself before you stop; How much time do I have to give to this stopover point? Don’t over stay at your Stop-over Point. Delay is dangerous. Set your watch alarm. Remember the clock is ticking.
VII. A Dangerous Point

There are places in this life’s journey you should ‘never’ stop to ask for help. A place you should never pray to have a hold-up, a go-slow or a block because any slow step could lead to termination or loss.
These are dangerous zones; meaning not not all places are Stop-over Points. This, therefore, means you have to be careful of never stop points in the journey of life.
Some Dangerous Point In Life

• When you are ready for marriage, watch whom you go to for counsel.
• When you are in trouble, be careful of those you run to for help.
• When you are under an unknown attack, be careful of those you take as your confidant.
• When you are taking decision for ministry, be careful of whom you accept to lay hand on you.
• When your promotion is on the way, be careful of those you share it with.

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