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Living for God at all times



Every man is ‘programmed’ by God to function in a particular way, according to His divine wisdom. But if such divine ‘programming’ is disrupted or affected, the individual will malfunction and will be unable to fulfil his purpose on earth. This is the true picture of many people on earth today; they are not where they are supposed to be in life. They hang in the air all through their sojourn on earth.

It is important for everyone to discover his purpose in life. The manual of every man’s life and purpose is in God’s hands. And the primary purpose why God created man is to serve Him all the days of his life. Life is a gift, and it must be used to serve God according to His prescriptions. Therefore, no man should live for himself. Abraham’s life serves as an example to all believers. Abraham had lived most of his productive life before he discovered his purpose in life at the behest of God’s call. It paid off! This discovery turned his life around and set him on good footing.


Despite the fact that he discovered his purpose late in life, he pushed through and wrote his name in the marble of history for all generations to read. Life is all about purpose and until a man discovers his purpose, he will be cascading in the mire of indecision. Abraham’s life had segments. The last forty years of his life was fruitful and fulfilling. The success recorded at the last segment of Abraham’s life was because he discovered God and his purpose in life. Until a man discovers God at salvation and his purpose in life, there will be no progress. Every human being has a volume of book written concerning him and until this book is discovered, great destinies will be wasted.

This great volume of book is the Scriptures. It is a guide to every man’s life. It is the book that shapes the life of man. This book contains life and everything man needed to succeed. The book is Jesus personified and whoever discovers Him has discovered life and purpose of his life. Peter and Andrew discovered this book of life and their lives changed immediately. They would have remained in their primitive state of life had they not discovered themselves through this book of life.


You are here for a purpose. Painstakingly discover your purpose on earth in order to succeed. Where you are today may not be the will and purpose of God for your life. Discover your life through the scriptures and what is written in it. Saul, the first King of Israel, discovered his purpose in life, when he got in contact with Samuel who gave him direction of his purpose in life. David and Paul discovered their purposes in lives and they followed through. Jesus Christ discovered His purpose by the volume of books written concerning Him through the help of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost plays a vital role in assisting believers to discover their purpose. The Holy Ghost beams the light that makes it so easy to discover this purpose. A believer that does not have the Holy Ghost is limited in life; he cannot discover anything about himself. Such people waste their lives floating on earth and die in regret.

Discover your purpose in life and live for God before it becomes too late.
For further reading: PSALMS 40:6-7; Gen. 11:31-32;12: 1-5; Matt. 4:18-22; Prov. 15:25; Luke 4:16-17; 1 Samuel 9:19-21;16:11-13; Acts 9:6; Isaiah 61:1-2; Luke 4:19-20; 1 Cor. 11:12.
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