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Living for others – Part 3


Rev. Emmanuel O.S. Okereke

Let us take a ride to the general hospitals around, there are many people that are yet to be discharged from their sick beds, not because they have not been treated, but because of unpaid bills, they have become prisoners in the hospitals, not out of their own making, yet their bills keep accumulating. But why you transverse in the comfort of your air conditioned room to car and office, there is somebody in the hospital that his or her bills has not been paid, check around, there is somebody that needs just N2,000 to buy drugs or to be discharged from the hospital.

Something very intriguing and miraculous happened some years back, the son of one of my daughters, Sis. Uche fell very sick after delivery and was rushed to London. They stayed for three weeks in London and they came back, but the sickness became worse. They took the son to another hospital in Nigeria, but he was not getting any better, at the point, it seemed as if the boy was trying to breath his last, the mother left his son and said “No, I cannot see my son die.”

They are millionaires and could afford whatever amount required for any medical services and were willing and ready to pay, just to save their son, but the boy’s deteriorating condition defiled all known medical options. His mother could not bear to see him give up the ghost, so she started walking away, weeping and wailing. When she got out, she stayed in her car for a while, then she decided to go back to the ward to confront her worst fears, on her way, she heard someone also weeping and wailing. She became curious and wanted to find out who and what the issue was. Behold, it was a woman and when she enquired, she discovered that the woman’s son was about to die and they needed N36,000 to purchase the drugs prescribed to save his life, unfortunately, she, being a pepper and tomatoes seller, and her husband, an okada (motobike) rider, could not afford it.


Recalling, that was what the same situation that made her walk away, and considering that, if the doctor had asked them to pay N10m to save their son, they would have joyfully paid. But what an irony of life, but here is someone else, who only needed a paltry N36,000. Sister Uche immediately ran to her car and brought N100,000 and gave to the woman to hurry out to purchase the drugs. As she walked towards the ward where the son was, still in her bad mood and with sorrow and heaviness of heart, she noticed some unprecedented and miraculous.

Her son had opened his eyes, sat up and was now breathing normally, and was being examined over and over by more than 10 nurses and five consulting doctors. They were testing to ascertain the reason for the sudden dramatic recovery, to verify if the recovery was temporary or permanent.

Two kids were at the verge of dying, one of the mothers came to the rescue of the other one that did not have the resources and God came to her own rescue, showing His love, mercy and faithfulness.

Sis. Uche displayed the example of Pro. 3:27 ‘do not withhold good to them that it is due when it is within the power of your hands to do so.’

There are times when you are due for favour, promotion, compassion, and blessing, which are also due for people. While you have N10,000 in your pocket, God had already transferred N2,000 out of that to somebody else and to that man it is due to him and if you withhold the giving at that time, you are breaking the law of love and liberty ‘do not withhold, do not keep back, do not deny, when it is in the power of your hands to do so.’

Rev. Emmanuel O. S. Okereke Is the Founder/Presiding Bishop of Divine Power Pentecostal Chapel Inc. Mechanic Village, Off Osolo Way, Behind Aswani Market, Isolo, Lagos.

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