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Living for others – Part 5


Rev. Emmanuel O.S. Okereke

For example, let John please Peter, and not himself. Let Pastor Phina pleases sister Joy and not herself, etc. That thing that pleases you, also please another person with it; that thing you feel comforts you, also comfort another with it; that thing that looks good on you can also look good on somebody else. Why would you give somebody cheap perfume, when you do not wear such?

Note: if you give a man a gift and he is not pleased, you do not have a reward, because the reward only comes, when the gift permeates into his heart and brings out a new aura in him or her; that is when the reward searches out the ‘giver.’

There is noting in life and nature that lives for itself alone. For instance, rivers do not drink their water, rather, they are made available for others to drink, quench their thirst and be satisfied. Trees do not eat their own fruits, just like the sun does not give heat to itself, but gives heat to other people. The flower does not spread out its fragrance only to itself, but to others. What I am trying to say is that we need each other. God made our hands short, so that we cannot scratch our backs ourselves. So, for us to have our back scratched, we need somebody else, which is why the Bible says, “It is not good for a man to be alone,” that he needs a wife (a help meet.)


Note: “I have never seen a dead man bury himself, no matter how rich or powerful, somebody else will bury him.” So, if your neighbour is hungry today, remember that you too can get hungry some other day. If he or she asks to squat in your flat, accept it because some day, you may also need to squat and when he/she asks you for money, remember that someday, you can also lack money.

We talk of the less privileged, but what makes them so? Because they do not have as much as we do, they do not have the opportunity of possessing things we do, but if you give the less privileged N10m, his or her status will change, and he or she becomes privileged.


Note: “there are two classes of feeding habits in this world: Some people that eat what is available in the house and those that eat what they want to eat.”
So, others that cannot eat what they want are called the less privileged, but you can make them privileged by your giving.

The true character of a Christian should not be self-centred, because whatever thing you have is for you and others. Your neighbours are being kept under your safety. So, you should know when they are hungry, thirsty, or when they are sick. (Pro.3: 27-28) (1Tim 6:1-8)

In conclusion, in all you think, say or do, remember and apply the Golden Rule, ‘do unto others as you would want them to do unto you,’ (Mat.7:12, Luk.6:31)
Rev. Emmanuel O. S. Okereke is the Founder/Presiding Bishop of Divine Power Pentecostal Chapel Inc. Mechanic Village, Off Osolo Way, Behind Aswani Market, Isolo, Lagos.,, 08033844117

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