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Living in consciousness of eternity

By Prophet O. Azuka
21 November 2021   |   2:41 am
Man is faced with two destinations after death – heaven and hell. Hell and heaven are realities. Man is an eternal being whose soul will never die.


Man is faced with two destinations after death – heaven and hell. Hell and heaven are realities. Man is an eternal being whose soul will never die. The soul of a man cannot die. It is the body that expires with time due to the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. The two options (heaven and hell) are meant for man to choose one out of them. Our scripture for today’s consideration, captioned two people that consciously made their choices prior to their death. Choices of eternity are not by accident. No one crashes into heaven by accident or mere wishes; it takes a deliberate and conscious preparation. This clearly shows that whoever wants to spend eternity in heaven, must prepare for it. It should be pointed out that Lazarus did not make heaven because he was poor. The misconception that heaven is for poor people is a ruse and fallacy. Lazarus’s poverty was by choice; it was a conscious decision he made while on earth by accepting poverty.

Heaven is a place filled with splendor where the glory of God radiates beauty. Logically, this magnificent place must not accommodate every Dick and Harry. There is no night in heaven. Descriptively, the street of heaven is made of gold. There are various kinds of stones used in beautifying heaven. There is a fountain of water in heaven that is crystal clear oozing out the glory of it. Heaven is such a beautiful place that everyone should crave for. However, it is a distinct place that cannot tolerate sin and compromise. It is for saints who are saved and washed by the blood of Jesus. The rich do not go there because of their wealth neither do the poor go to heaven because of their poverty. It is righteousness that guarantees heaven.

On the contrary, hell fire is a place that welcomes all kinds of people with their sins. It is not a selective place; all categories of people with their loads of sin are permitted in hell. The internet fraudsters, corrupt individuals and those who embezzled public funds will be accorded the hottest place in hell. The excruciating pains in hell are unbearable. The pains and cries are forever. There is no respite in hell, a terrible place that has taken many souls. Every wise person must do everything to escape hell and the accompanying anguish. Curiously, eternal decision revolves round heaven and hell; there is no sitting on the fence, choice must be made between these destinations. Ordinarily, there should be no careless moments on the part of those who have accepted Christ.

There will be no opportunity to correct wrongs and repent from sins in hell fire. No preaching will be relevant there. No grace and mercy will show forth in this horrible place. The wrath of God is revealed in its fullest in hell because those who are there have had many opportunities to repent from their sins, but they made light of it. They rather laughed and scorned the spirit of grace and counted the blood of Jesus Christ of non-effect. The rich, who flaunt their wealth while Jesus knocked at their doors but they rejected His passionate pleas, will cry and suffer in hell. The full weight of God’s wrath will be revealed on the last day. There will be no hiding place for sinners on the last day. There will be a day of accountability where every secret of man will be revealed. While on earth and alive today, make clean slate of your life. Sin has no reward.

To make heaven is not difficult. It takes determination and a definite resolve to live for Christ. It starts by being born again, accepting Jesus as Lord and personal Saviour. There must be a daily walk with God in righteousness and holiness.

Mercy and grace will not always be available for sinners. Today is a day of grace for the wise who will obediently come to Jesus in deep contrition. Repent and come Jesus now.

Further reading: Gen. 13: 2; 26: 1 Chron. 29:1-9; Heb. 11:6; Rev. 21:5; 22:4; 21:21; 21:8;20:614:10-11; Luke 16:23-24;Rev. 20:11-15

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