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Make that move – Part 2


Rev. Emmanuel O.S. Okereke

If you want to be successful in life, and leave a footprint on the sand of time, you have to be a person of action. The following Bible characters believed, trusted and rested upon God’s word, nature or attribute to take action that changed the course of their lives and that of their people: Abraham (faith) Isaac (promise), Jacob (favour), Joseph (dream), Moses (presence), Joshua (covenant), Gideon (prophesy), Samuel (anointing), David (favour), Solomon (sacrifice), Esther (favour), Daniel (faith), Job (faith), Paul (prophesy), Peter (faith) and even prodigal son (love). The list is endless.

God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness (2Pet.1: 3), and has given all manner of gifts to mankind (Eph.4:8). What you count, as limitation cannot stop the purpose of God in your life, go and ask Moses (as stammerer led a nation), Gideon (considered small from the smallest tribe, yet delivered a nation), David (a little shepherd who conquered a mighty warrior). You have a heavenly mandate to impact your generation to the glory of God (Rom.8: 19). Your only limitation is your level of belief in your assignment (Jhn.11: 40) and your faith in what God shall accomplish through you (Heb.11: 6). It does not matter how many times you have failed, where and in what you have failed (Pro.24: 26).

Abraham Lincoln’s life is a case study, if you think you have failed enough. God also had to change His own strategy and did not give up on His vision. He ‘made that move’ that has secured salvation to all of us. What then would be your excuse, if you refused to make that move and exploit that unique grace and enablement He has bestowed on you, to impact your generation for His glory? You cannot afford to allow yourself to be timid and passive, procrastinating about something important, until you are prompted or someone gives you assurance of success.


Life itself is fashioned and embodied in risk taking. Go and ask Esther, David and Daniel. Until you ‘make that move’ (risk taking), you cannot determine the possibility of what you are venturing into. No wonder the common saying … “until you leave the marks, you cannot determine the pole.”

Risk and success are like Siamese twins that are conjoined at birth. They are inseparable! Go and ask Abraham (asked to leave his father’s house to a strange land) and Joseph (sold into slavery to a land unknown by him). Every success recorded is a by-‘product of someone’s ‘giant move’.

They defied all odds to give us what we enjoy today and it is credited to them as their ‘brain child.’ The Wright brothers, who invented aeroplane risked their lives by building an object that will fly in the air, which is against the conventional law of gravity. The law of gravity would have been a good ‘pointer’ or excuse for them not to go into such invention.

On the contrary, they believed it was better to try a thing and fail, than not trying at all. Go and ask all those that have made success of their lives, majority of them stumbled on what made them great, because they were adventurous and tried their hands on different things, while not giving up on what they believed, no matter how many times they failed. They gave it a shot and kept at it and eventually, they recorded successes that were celebrated globally. They proved certain situations could make the gravitational pull inconsistent. The Bible is littered with “ordinary” and “hapless” men, who acted on their God given idea and their lives never remained the same.
Rev. Emmanuel O. S. Okereke is the Founder/Presiding Bishop of Divine Power Pentecostal Chapel Inc. Mechanic Village, Off Osolo Way, Behind Aswani Market, Isolo, Lagos.,, 08033844117


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