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Making the right choice – Part 2


Prophet Sunday O. Nwabeke

People can also be engulfed by chains of poverty, based on family background, which will affect the way they talk, walk, see, smell, touch, hear and handle. For instance, if nobody in your family had ever bought a car, such ugly experience can influence your choice making and consequently place you in a position of a nobody.

In such a scenario, just believe that with God you can make it, that what affected your family lineage cannot affect you. Further, change your mental orientation and back it up with prayers in order to experience a miracle. When your mentality is low with regards to issues of healing and deliverance, then you can’t encounter any.

If asthma killed a member of your family, that doesn’t mean you should also experience such. It’s God’s plan and purpose to heal and deliver His people anytime, anywhere and day. A lot of folks ask me, ‘Pastor, this type of sickness happened to my colleague in the office and died, do you think I can survive?’


It’s not what I think that counts. The issue is: what does the Bible say concerning that particular problem? God’s word says with His stripes we are healed, Isaiah 53:5

Choose not to be sick from this hour. Make a choice to remain in the realm of deliverance and healing all the days of your life. And even when you feel sick on your inside, say to yourself, ‘according to God’s word, I am healed.’

Salvation is also a matter of choice. This is because Jesus had been crucified, buried and resurrected. He also took your sin to His cross and delivered you from the power of Satan and his cohorts. It’s now left for you to make a choice by accepting what He did for you thousands of years ago. Miracle goes as far as giving you dominion over sin and Satan.

Giving your life unto God is one of the greatest miracles you can experience. Your miracle is in your hand. Back to the power of making the right choice, permit me to declare to you that most marriages fail today because of wrong choice. You do not get married on the basis of sentiment and pity, or else, you fall into a valley of hopelessness and doom.

Beloved, listen to this formula, learn to evaluate your choice in God’s word before carrying it out to ascertain whether it is God’s plan for you. What you choose may not be God’s choice.

When Samuel was told to go to the house of Jesse and anoint a king, as a human being, he rose up to anoint Jesse’s first born, but God said no. In another attempt, he rose up again to anoint the next person (these were his choices) and God said none of these is qualified.

Friend, if you can make the right choice, the sky shall be your limit because there is no limitation in God’s agenda for you, except the ones you create yourself.

The children of Israel laboured in Egypt for 430 years, Exodus 12:40 instead of 400 years as was told in Gen. 15:13. This is due to the fact that there was nobody to stand in the gap and make a choice.

Your choice can lift you from dust to grace, from shame to shining, from minimum to maximum, from minus to plus, from death to life, from negative to positive, from sadness to joy, from a nobody to somebody, from nowhere to somewhere, from grass to grace, from poverty to wealth, from sin to righteousness from darkness to light and from zero to hero.

Great Covenant Prayer Life Assembly, 6, Unity Crescent, off Olatunji Street, Ladipo, Oshodi, Lagos. 08034849689

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