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Making your life count

By Prophet O. Azuka
20 June 2021   |   2:49 am
GOD is a seasoned businessman and an investor. He is not lazy, but works assiduously to meet the needs of man. In like manner, the Lord does not want any of His children to be slothful in business...


GOD is a seasoned businessman and an investor. He is not lazy, but works assiduously to meet the needs of man. In like manner, the Lord does not want any of His children to be slothful in business, rather He wants every of His child to be serious and focused. A family man should strive by all means, to provide for his family. This is an obligation bequeathed to man, by God.

A Christian should painstakingly learn whatever trade he chose to do. This involves spending quality time in learning such trade before establishing. Unfortunately, some people are in a hurry to jump into a trade they have not learnt. At the end, such trade or business crashes without remedy. God does not create anybody to be poor in life. Poverty is a choice one deliberately makes.

God created every man to be great. One’s destiny, on the other hand, is not in the hands of any man. It is solely in the hands of the individual who has the power to choose what he wants to do with his destiny. The secret behind prosperity is hard work. No lazy man can prosper. To sustain prosperity, hard work must be persistent and consistent. Hard work pays and God loves dexterity.

Originally, God created man to work so he could take care of his home. The Lord created the first man and put him in the Garden of Eden to take care of it. He was meant to work in the Garden. Work is scriptural because God originated it. Therefore, He expects everyone to be all out and be engaged in profitable business.

God cannot call, or use a lazy man. Moses is an example of a dexterous man. He learnt the trade of a shepherd in Egypt before he was called. God saw the skill in him, and knew he would be able to deliver and lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. Moses was not a failure. He demonstrated the attributes of a hardworking man. David is also another biblical example of a hardworking youth. He spent his time in the bush rearing his father’s cattle. Little wonder why he defeated Goliath and delivered the Israelites from the hands of the Philistines.

Men who hide under the guise that they lost their jobs and became lazy, and resort to begging, are not serious minded people. There is always work to do even when there is no job!

Apostle Paul warned the Thessalonian church not to be idle, doing nothing. In fact, he cautioned that those who do not work should not eat. So, Christians should engage themselves to work. There should not be any idle moment with a believer. There is no short cut to prosperity! Hard work is the answer. A diligent man will be known in the society. He will sit with kings and not with mean men. Prayer for prosperity without engaging one’s hand in anything profitable is a waste of time.

It is time to get yourselves equipped, and be ready to work. Christian youths should get themselves engaged and shun all forms of evil. A Christian is not supposed to be a failure in life because opportunities abound for everyone to succeed.

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