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Message of hope for the depressed



The recent spate of suicides amongst the younger generation of this country leaves a rather sour taste in the mouth. As a body of Christ, it has become increasingly imperative to wield the enormous power vested in the gospel to arrest this ugly trend. I bring you the gospel of comfort, warmth, and peace. To remind you that as long as the Lord sits on the throne, which He’s going to do for eternity, then there is hope.

As individuals with distinct appearance and attributes, we must understand the dynamics of how our lives and destinies work. Regardless of the work we have invested in our lives, it takes varying waiting period for our future to align. It is possible to see everybody around you succeeding, while you seem stuck. But you must understand the complexities in how the trajectories of our life work. It travels at different speed and peak at various points. It is happening for them today; it will happen for you too.

Sometimes, we are afflicted with health issues termed ‘Terminal disease.’ The pain keeps coming unabated, the stigma, trauma and the financial burden too.


Beloved, no sickness is above the healing power found in the blood of the Saviour. Miracles have happened in the past, and they still do. Taking your life to get rid of your pain will make you spend eternity with Satan in hell, and cause more sorrow for those left behind. Remember Job who came back from that terrible affliction only to be blessed beyond what any man could comprehend. (Job 42;10)

You might find yourself being constantly rejected by the world, relentlessly trampled upon, your ego bruised, always having to beg for the acceptance and love you crave. This will likely make the thought of suicide appealing to you.

After all, nobody wants you; nobody likes or loves you. This is the devil trying to mislead you. Jesus loves you, if not so, He wouldn’t die at the cross. (John 3:16)
It is okay to not understand what is going around you. Your life is like a puzzle being gradually filled with the right pieces one at a time by God. Once He’s done doing that, everything becomes clear and meaningful to you. Don’t allow anxiety and external pressure drive you over the edge. Don’t give in to the devil. Refuse to cave in to the dictates of what the world has defined as ‘Success.’ Rather, give yourself time to grow, trusting God to take you through every step along the way.

The power of prayer and fellowship must not be neglected during tough phases of our life. Communicate your fears and dreams to the Lord. Seek counselling from higher authorities in your church. Read the word and stay positive. There are cracks everywhere in your life now, but also know that it is the cracks that allow the light to shine through.

Hold on to life. Though sorrow may last the night, joy comes in the morning.
God Bless You. Amen!

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