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My encounter with God and deliverance from the horrible pit of sin

By Pastor Lazarus Muoka
16 February 2020   |   1:03 am
The power packed open crusade titled: “FROM SORROW TO JOY” has come and gone, but echoes of the marvellous work of God at that meeting are still reverberating. One of the outstanding wonderful works of God was the deliverance of our Sister Grace Natasha.

The power packed open crusade titled: “FROM SORROW TO JOY” has come and gone, but echoes of the marvellous work of God at that meeting are still reverberating. One of the outstanding wonderful works of God was the deliverance of our Sister Grace Natasha. Below is her testimony.

My name is Sister Jane Grace Natasha. I am the C.E.O of Madam Titi Entertainment Academy with headquarters in Rumuokoro, and three branches in Rivers State. Before now, I didn’t believe in moderate dressing or clothes that would cover my body or dress without make-up and jewels. I used to put on different rings, bangles and necklaces whenever I was going out. Besides worldly dresses, I was not only obsessed with erotic music, but was also a composer. I used to sing erotically, dance in clubs, and feature regularly on WAZOBIA station.

To become more influential and richer in that career, I consulted a female sorcerer called Nwanyi-Asaba, who demanded, among other things, that I must suck her breast before my desire could be met. Two days to the day I was invited to suck the breast, I had a dream where I was going to a fashion house built with gold and suddenly, an old man accosted and gave me an envelope. When I opened the envelope, I saw written on a paper inside “I am a Chosen, I am a Chosen.” ‘Who are you,’ I asked. What could that be? The man said, “Go to Chosen. You need money, mansion, clothes, riches, whatever you need, you will get it in that place.” I said this is rubbish and quickly tore the envelope and the letter.

When I woke, I related that encounter to my neighbour and she said I had had encounter with the God of Chosen and could not escape from it. And that something has bound me with Chosen, but I said: “I don’t give a damn” and I left.

In the dream the next day, the old man appeared again and said “you are a Chosen, you are a Chosen, tell the world, who are they?” Then he added, “If you do not go to this place, I will kill you.”

Prior to this time, about six years ago, I went somewhere and made a covenant with the dangerous tortoise that I would not go to any church, and listen to any man of God or sing on the altar of God or use my voice for God’s glory. And that the day the covenant is broken shall be the day I would die. As I spoke, the paper where this covenant was written appeared in front of the tortoise and it swallowed it. After that, I was asked to follow the tortoise and I obeyed. As I reached outside, thunder struck and a paper appeared on the ground bearing my name and instruction, “JANE GRACE NATASHA, never in your life will you step your feet in the house of the Lord or to sing in the church for God.” Then the paper disappeared.

The above encounter discouraged my intention to keep appointment with Nwanyi-Asaba. So, on Sunday, which was the day prior to keeping that appointment, I decided to search for any Chosen Church in the neighbourhood. As I opened my gate to step out, I saw an old man on a bike waiting in front of the gate. We exchanged greetings and he said, “I can see that you are prepared to go to church.” I affirmed but added that I don’t know where Chosen Church is, and he said I should come on the bike. I asked where we were going, but he said I should not worry. Then he took me to a Chosen church.

When I brought out money to pay him, he said I should keep my money, that now I’m out of the world; it is now I will make genuine money. I was surprised how he knew about me. Meanwhile, as I entered the church with my worldly attire, the whole congregation began to act as if l was a ghost. I was surprised and began to regret why I came there. But after that Sunday service, pastors and sisters began to follow me up. The next day being Monday, I had appointment with Nwanyi-Asaba. Without notice, the sisters were at my gate in a Sports Utility Van (SUV). When I saw them, I asked, what happened? They said they came to stay with me. Their presence distracted me such that I couldn’t go to Nwanyi-Asaba. Afterwards, Nwanyi-Asaba became angry and that was how my dealing with Nwanyi-Asaba ended.

The pastor then called me and said I should come, that he wanted to give me something. I went, not knowing it was a way to lure me to the church. As I got there, he began to conduct deliverance on me, which lasted for three days. After that, my rings, necklace, etc. were all gone. Thereafter, I became serious with God of Chosen. Then the pastor asked me to sing for God to break the covenant I had with the dangerous tortoise and I composed a song and sang to God’s glory. As soon as I finished singing, I got a call from the servants of dangerous tortoise, warning me that the battle line had been drawn, that I should watch out and see what would happen to them, not me, because I had caused commotion in the kingdom and must pay for breaking the covenant.

They also said as long as they are alive, they would make themselves to be a beggar, they would be hungry, not me. And that because of poverty, I would run back to them. But right there, the pastor revoked all those verbal threats and said I should tell them that they were lying, that in Chosen I would become rich. Then I told them that I had gone to Chosen and I would make more money than before. They promised to be monitoring me, but I don’t care because I know that the God of Chosen is able to ensure my safety. The Scripture assured me that the battle is not mine but God’s. So, I declared “you dangerous tortoise and your servants, prepare to face the God of Chosen.” Initially, I was afraid to come out and testify, but my pastor persuaded and assured me that nothing would happen to me. Before l was brought to this crusade, I was kidnapped and taken to the bush by the agents of the dangerous tortoise, who wanted to kill me, but God delivered me.

When I was brought to this crusade, I could not stand or walk. They took me to the bush, tied my hands to my waist and were beating me with rods. The second in command threatened to kill me, alleging that I broke their covenant. Their leader said they had already mixed poison that I would drink and die by myself. Then, they held my mouth and poured the concoction (poison) down my throat and I drank it because I had no choice. I could not withstand eight hefty men with guns and daggers. Few minutes after drinking the poison, I saw my spirit leaving my body and I found myself in the spirit realm still tied with rope. Suddenly, in that spirit realm, I saw our G.O singing one of our popular song: “O batara N’ogbo, ihe dike emee” meaning “He came into the battle field and something great happened.”

Then I pleaded with him to save me, and he said: “my children have been calling me since morning. My daughter is tied somewhere and I came for the sake of that my daughter. So, I came to save you, you don’t need to tell me to save you.” He said, “the crusade this year is meant for you, and I will be waiting for you at the crusade ground.” Now that you are tied down here, if I let you die, the crusade is not complete and my mission is not complete.” He asked me in that spirit realm, “How many boys do you have?” I answered that I had 280 boys and girls under me, who took orders from me. He asked, “Can you bring them.” I said yes, “I have already taken one girl (called Wealth) to location road to worship there.”

He then asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted to travel abroad and leave this wicked country. He said he would decide which country I would go to, so that I would stay there and worship God with all the talent I have. Then he asked me, “Do you know that you are carrying a full basket on your head and it is full of different talents? “You are going to bring it to my land, you are a movie producer, I want you to produce that movie in a Christian way in my land.” “You are a singer in the club; I want you to turn the songs into a Christian way in my Kingdom.”

Then he told me to stand up and I said my hands and legs were tied with rope, but he said I should look again and I looked and discovered that there was no rope round my hands and legs. Then he said, “Let’s go” and I saw myself entering my body again.

When I came back to real life, I saw the same man standing in my front. Then I said you. He said, “Yes, I am here, just as I said to you. Look at your hands and I looked at my hands and physically there was no rope again. Then he said to me, stand and I stood and saw the eight giant boys lying down sleeping with their guns in their hands. He asked me to come with him and I did. I walked with him to a junction, though still in the bush. Then he said to me, “there is a cloth you wanted to buy for my crusade because of cold and you could not afford it.”

I asked him, how did you know? He said, “Don’t worry.” He asked again, “Where is your phone? You will get a phone, relax.” Then he left me. Recall that the first time, he was wearing a white suit, but when he returned, he was wearing pull-over not suit now. Then he removed the pull-over from his body and put it on me and said “You need a phone,” then he stretched his hand and gave me my phone that fell at Rumuola Junction. Then he asked again, “you need someone that will take you home. Stay, I’m coming.” He left me, but before he left, he said, ‘You are my special daughter, and that was the same statement G.O made here yesterday.

He said, “I will take you by my side, I won’t let you go out of me. I will take you as my responsibility and as my daughter. Are you happy”? I said yes. He added, “You will go to the country I will decide, where you will worship God Almighty”.

Furthermore, he said, “In the world, when you sang in clubs, you made millions, but in Chosen, you will make billions.” Then he left me and suddenly, a man with a Jeep appeared and after all said and done, the man took me home. Brethren, the above was my encounter with the God of Chosen.
Praise the Lord!

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